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Inner garden behind glass partition wall as a highlight in the luxury house

Indoor garden behind glass partition -luxury-house-zen-garden-modern-design

A modern luxury house in Colombia impresses with design solutions and exclusive interiors. It is close to beautiful natural landscapes and mountain areas. The weather there stays relatively cool all year round and this was taken into account in the design. Landscape and Inner garden behind glass partition act as an inseparable part of the living space and contribute to a harmonious room atmosphere.

Inner garden behind a glass partition wall as an exclusive highlight

Glass partition-indoor-garden-luxury-house-zen-garden-dining-area-outdoor

The inner garden behind a glass partition takes advantage of both the indoor and outdoor areas. You can enjoy beautiful weather and fresh air and at the same time fully rely on the privacy that secures the inside of the house.

Indoor garden behind glass partition wall – Zen garden

glass partition-interior-garden-luxury-house-highlight-zen-modern-outdoor

The glazing designed in this way ensures the ultimate flow of light through the living space and at the same time insulates the heat in the house. The use of wood in warm tones and the modern furnishings in creamy white and beige nuances harmonize with the natural appearance of the inner garden and accentuate the cozy atmosphere.

Inner garden behind glass partition wall – minimalist, luxury, exclusive

Glass partition-inner garden-luxury-house-highlight-greenery-lighting-exclusive

Indirect lighting lowered in the floor and light panels in the ceiling ensure a harmonious atmosphere even in the evening. The wood paneling and parquet flooring in a dark, natural look contrasts with the bright interior. This stands for elegance and emphasizes the high quality materials and exclusive equipment of the luxury house.

Inner garden behind glass partition and sufficient daylight

Glass partition wall-interior garden-luxury-house-hallway-wall cladding-wood-daylight

Modern kitchen in soft white tones looks more practical and the exclusive dining room offers a view of the green landscape and surroundings through floor-to-ceiling windows.

The inner garden behind a glass partition is pleasantly lit in the evening

glass partition-interior-garden-luxury-house-indirect-lighting-spots-modern #

Indirect lighting creates a harmonious atmosphere

glass partition-inner-garden-luxury-house-parquet-floor-dark-indirect-lighting

Dark brown parquet floor and white wall paint in a luxury interior

Glass partition-inner garden-luxury-house-parquet floor-dark-stairs-upper floor

Elegant luxury living room in beige-brown tones


Modern fitted kitchen in white nuances


Dining room with an exclusive view of the green


Modern luxury house with an inner garden as a highlight

Flat roof lawn garden modern architecture

Plans and floor plans of the modern houseluxury-house-plan-floor plan-ground floor-living rooms

luxury-house-plan-floor-plan-modern-architecture-upper floor

luxury house plan floor plan flat roof

* Design Casa 5 by Arquitectura en Estudio