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Inexpensive garden design – tips for saving money when creating a garden

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Spring is almost around the corner and the gardening season begins. And even if you enjoy digging deep in the garden, you might not want to dig deep in your wallet as well. But instead of dreaming of your dream garden while looking out the window, find out how to plant pretty flowers without digging deep into your pocket. For one cheap garden design For example, plant those plants that die before winter and sprout again in spring.

Inexpensive garden design: How you can create a pretty garden with little money

Inexpensive garden design tips gardening with seed young plants

  • Cheap garden design with seeds and young plants.
  • This takes a little more patience, but plant seeds or young plants. This makes the plants more stable and their root system stronger. Choose, for example, zinnias or marigolds. They germinate and grow quickly.
  • Perennials and herbaceous plants for one favorable garden design: Forget about replanting the garden every year and choose perennials like tuberose or California poppy.

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  • Berry bushes – with berry bushes you are investing properly. They don’t need a lot of maintenance and after a year or two they will give fruit, which will lower your grocery expenses. You’ll save far more than you originally spent on the bush.

Fruit trees growing berry bushes tips for garden design cheap

  • For one cheap garden design choose plants that you can share
  • Be patient and save unnecessary costs by gradually expanding your garden every year. You can also save money by choosing plants that you can share and replant every year, such as the iris or the Japanese snake beard.
  • Plants that require little water Choose plants that require little water. This can save you a lot of money on bills. Lavender belongs to such plants.

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