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Idyllic garden design in the Italian style in South Florida

Garden design in the Italian style Mediterranean and exotic plants

These Garden design in the Italian style is a project by Sanchez & Maddox Landscape in South Florida and impresses with an old world charm. The decorative and practical leitmotif for garden design are the arches from the huge laurel hedge. This wonderful, wedge-shaped plot of land is 2000 square meters and is literally engulfed by the Mediterranean-style villa. It belongs to Terry Rakolta and she had no doubts about what exactly she wanted for the garden. “I wanted something charming, romantic, mysterious, Old World style,” she says. “I just didn’t know how it was supposed to work in spite of the large house on the property.”

Garden design in the Italian style by Sanchez & Maddux Landscape

Garden design in the Italian style Mediterranean house in south Florida Pool-in the garden-hedges privacy protection ideas

This idea for Garden design in the Italian style continued the Sanchez company & Maddox for landscape architecture based in Palm Beach. She is known for her stylish combinations of classic, European design elements for the garden with exotic and tropical plants. She calls this proprietary style “civilized jungle”. The book of their work, published last year by Grayson Publishing, bears the same name.

Hedge arches made of laurel for an Italian garden design

Garden design in the Italian style South Florida landscape architecture-garden design lively-hedge privacy protection ideas terracotta flower pots-mediterranean

The hedgerow arches as part of the Italian-style garden design are to the side of the pool, which seems to both give it more privacy and make it more mysterious. Part of the landscape was designed in the mid-1990s, but Rakolta was never really happy with it. A few years ago she contacted Jorge Sanchez and Phil Maddux while picturing the landscape of northern Italy. The result was the transfer of their ideas to one Garden design in the Italian style in their own garden. “We removed all garden paths and some of the plants,” says Sanchez. “We left the swimming pool and a small terrace, nothing more.”

Improve the view and more privacy

Palm trees in the garden landscape in the Mediterranean style with pool hedges

The biggest challenge for the Italian-style garden design was the view of the water. The house looks in the direction of Lake Worth Bay, which is wonderful, but the buildings on the opposite bank are even less so. “The view could either be nice or ordinary, depending on how it was tackled,” says Sanchez. A clever solution was needed here. Rakolta and her husband John have other properties in New York, Harbor Springs and Bloomfield Springs, Michigan, and are currently building one in Aspen. You use this property with landscaped gardens in the Italian style if you want to escape the winter. Often they are accompanied by their four children and four (soon five) grandchildren and therefore wanted more privacy for their garden. “Boats anchor and look straight into the garden,” she says. This has been a problem from the start, especially when the garden was bare and treeless.

Design different areas

Garden table dining area design in the mediterranean furniture ideas metal chairs

A pergola wrapped in bougainvillea covers the dining area. The property owners also wanted tables on the lawn.

On a trip to Lake Como in Italy, Rakolta noticed arches formed from hedges. She suggested this idea as a Garden design in italian style for the too revealing garden. “Everyone spoke against it with the argument, ‘You paid so much for the view of the water, why do you want to hide it now?’ Only Jorge said ‘A good idea.’” The laurel hedge (Ficus retusa) from which the arches were formed , extends to a third of the 60 meter long side of the property that faces the water. It also surrounds the swimming pool on two sides. “You get a view of the water without exposing too much of the property, while the eye looks straight over the buildings,” says Sanchez. “It seems a little mysterious.” For them Garden design in the Mediterranean style irregularly shaped areas were created around the house that represent several outdoor spaces, each with different characteristics. The most dramatic of these is an avenue of tall date palms that offers expansive views of the water from the front entrance of the house with Italian-style landscaping. “It resembles a cathedral in my opinion,” says Rakolta, who plans to put a long table in this quiet area.

Cozy terraces 

Design of a garden-in the Italian-style hedge tropical-plant species-palm trees

The covered outdoor dining area in a classic European architectural style offers a view of a lawn that is intended to be used for entertainment. It is another striking part of the property and the Italian-style garden design that makes the property even more breathtaking.

Wrought iron garden

Garden gate wrought iron ideas mediterranean garden South Florida garden landscape

If you turn counterclockwise from here, you get a view of the rectangular pool “which is surrounded by the hedge that makes it more intimate,” says Sanchez. The outdoor dining area set into the house with a view of the garden is “a gathering place” for entertainment, says Rekolta. “I love to put tables on the lawn.” The flooring made of Coquina (shell limestone), the pergola roofing made of bougainvilla and the pale stone are suitable elements for one Garden design in the Italian style, because they make the area look like a terrace from Italy’s hilly landscape. There is something Rekolta loves about Italian gardens about a small terrace on the waterfront. “There is a difference in the levels,” says Maddox, a tropical plant expert who has worked with Sanchez since 1980. “The terrace sinks from the level of the house to that of the beach wall. This difference is only a few feet, but it creates the illusion that there is a lot more, ”he explains. “You look out the window of the construction and have the feeling of being directly above the water,” says Rakolta. “It feels like in Venice.”

A tropical jungle as an accent for the Italian garden design

Italian garden design ideas exotic plants palm water fountain

Peace lilies surround a stone fountain and stream. They are a design by Terry Rakolta, the owner of the property with Italian-style landscaping, in collaboration with Jorge Sanchez. The fountain is located in a “jungle area” that was previously a driveway.

Hedge plants surround the pool

Garden with swimming pool hedge arch privacy screen living plants

Bougainvillea climbs up the wall on which there is a wall fountain. Next to that, where there was once a much too large driveway, Sanchez designed & Maddox a lush area they call “the jungle”. Here, the classic symmetry and balance of the formal “water side” clears the way for a more natural style. Closing part of the former driveway with a decorative iron gate was a “stroke of genius,” says Rakolta. The center of this area of ​​garden design in the Italian style is a banyan tree. The winding path and the tropical plants are reminiscent of the rainforest in South America. This garden gets a unique scent from flowers such as Ylang-Ylang (Cananga odorata) and Michelia champaca, a relative of the magnolia. “It’s wonderful in the evening,” says Sanchez. “Usually either one of the flowers blooms and that makes this area very romantic.”

Arched lattice and fragrant flowers

Garden privacy screen with living plants, hedges-large, tall-pergola-lawn-pool

Mirrors in the middle of arched grids create the illusion of great depth, which makes the property appear even larger.

Sky-blue, large-flowered Thunbergia hang down from above, while various palms, heliconias (or “Rhododendrons of Florida” as Rakolta calls them), ginger, orchids in pots, banana trees, grapevines and jasmine make this part of the garden with Italian-style landscaping with a tropical scent and inundate tropical splendor. Not all elements in the garden are a typical Italian garden design. Sanchez’s inspiration also includes the gardens next to the Alhambra Palace with their relaxing pools, water jets and small, private areas whose origins date back to the 9th century. The gardens of Andalusia were historically designed to “be eye-catching,” as Sanchez says, while offering magical glimpses from one discreet area to another as you walk through them. It is the same in Rakolta’s garden. “You can take a walk and find different landscapes,” says Maddox. “You don’t see everything at once.”

Italian garden design in South Florida from Sanchez & Maddux Landscape

purple garden flower inspired garden design in italian style south florida

Terry Rakolta knew that with her ideas for a Garden design in the Italian style asked a lot, but got it. “I’m more than happy,” she says. “Before we redesigned the garden, I wasn’t that enthusiastic about the house. Now I can feel the love. “

Mediterranean fountain

Exotic garden design-Italian style-create a palm fountain

Garden decoration with mirror

Garden design ivy wall effect with exotic plant species - in the italian style

Photos by: Robin Hill