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How to furnish your home in the Moroccan style

Pouf Moroccan Style Sofa Design Ideas

Morocco is an exotic country in the north of Africa, which stands out above all for its oriental style. The Moroccan style is particularly known and striking because of its bright colors and its exotic charm. Many interior designers take inspiration from this. When you house in Moroccan style you need bright and colorful materials.

Stylish decor in Moroccan style

Moroccan style design attractive exotic upholstered bird figurines

Canopies, pouffe cushions and carpets, low tables and chairs, geometric patterns, bright stools and poufs and, not to forget, Moroccan lanterns all match. Oriental lanterns are made of metal and glass, are just as colorful and glow with candles. They are the real charm of the Orient. Below are some great examples of facilities that can be found in Moroccan style were designed. let yourself be inspired!

Living room living ideas in the Moroccan style

Home style wood white stool design ideas

Moroccan flair was created in this living room with the help of various decorative items. The modern corner sofa is extended by two side tables with modern Moroccan, ornate elements. There are also colorful sofa cushions with oriental patterns, as well as typical clay plates that serve as wall decorations.

Cozy sitting area on the floor

living pouffe low table pink color

Strong colors are simply part of it. If you have painted the walls in a suitable color, you can continue this in the form of decorations and textiles. This is how we proceeded in the example above. The pink color of the wall can also be found in the seat cushions and glasses. There is also an octagonal wooden coffee table with rich decorations.

Living room with fireplace

Living room decor ideas pink walls carpet stripes

However, if strong wall colors are not for you, you can of course also fall back on more subtle shades. Pastel tones are just as suitable. See what details can be used to create the perfect mood. An open fireplace can be framed in an oriental style. Columns can also be connected to one another with a suitably shaped arch. You can combine modern seating furniture with ornamental side tables or coffee tables.

Bedroom like from a thousand and one nights

Furnishing Morocco-inspired living style living ideas

Eclectic decor

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Sofa with decorative pillows in oriental motifs

living exotic pillows upholstery furniture design

living set up wood beam sofa armchair

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Home style sofa stool sofa orange color glazed wall

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