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Herbs in the flower pot – useful care ideas

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which delicious spices are best considered Herbs in the flower pot suitable? Whether you have a large plot of land and only a window sill, you should definitely consider a garden made of flower pots for growing tasty spices. That way you have the wonderfully fragrant ones Herbs in the flower pot within reach.

Suitable places in the apartment for herbs in the flower pot

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You don’t need a large estate to look for the pretty, useful and most importantly delicious Herbs in the flower pot to find a suitable place. Most aromatic plants are ideal as potted plants that you can grow on your patio, balcony, fire escape, on the steps of the stairs in front of your front door or even on the windowsill.

Enough sunlight for the herbs in the flower pot

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The most important condition to keep your tasty Herbs in the flower pot To be able to grow well is a lot of sunlight. This is why you should choose a place for them that will receive direct sunlight for at least 8 hours a day. You should also choose the sunniest place for the aromatic plants indoors. Don’t expect them to do as well there as they do outside, however. In addition, do not overdo it with the care of the delicious spices. Avoid fertilizers, as most aromatic plants will give you the greatest smell and taste when grown in nutrient-poor soil. You should also be careful with watering. Some aromatic plants need drought to grow well, while others love moisture. Choose loose soil, through which the excess water can drain well, and give the roots of the delicious spices enough space to develop well.

Spices in the garden

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Perennial aromatic plants can survive outside, provided they are suitable for your region and live in a pot that is large enough, i.e. contains at least 19 liters of soil, and offers good water drainage. Choose for the If possible, use plastic flower pots for delicious spices, as those made of clay or ceramics could break in the winter in the cold. Another way to make sure that the perennial aromatic plants survive the winter is to take them out of the pots in late summer and plant them in the garden. So the delicious spices have enough time until winter to develop a new root system with which they can survive the cold. If you only want your perennial aromatic plants for a year, simply remove them from the pots at the end of summer and throw them away.

The best tasty spices for the flower pot

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The basil is a popular annual herb that grows best in direct sunlight and in moist soil. Six weeks after sowing, if a root system has formed in the meantime, the plant can get by with short periods of drought. The basil can easily grow in the same pot with thyme, parsley and other kinds of delicious spices, provided it contains at least 19 liters of soil. For smaller pots, choose more compact types of basil.


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The chives are grassy, ​​perennial plants with hollow leaves that form groups. It is actually a small onion, but it is grown for its leaves and flowers and not for the bulb. The fragrant pink to purple flowers are also edible. The chives should be planted in well-fertilized soil with good water drainage. Although it can grow in partial shade, it prefers direct sunlight. The chives are also ideal for the pot and can easily survive the winter.


Spices and coriander in a plastic pot

Coriander uses both the aromatic leaves and its dried and ground seeds. You should also provide this annual plant with soil with good drainage. Coriander grows best in the sun, but can also handle a little shade. Since it forms long tap roots, you should get a flower pot for it that is at least 30 cm deep.


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Tarragon is a classic French herb that is used to season fish and many other dishes. Plant it in a sunny spot in a soil mix with good drainage. It tolerates drought well and should therefore not be overwatered. The tarragon can grow in partial shade, but prefers direct sunlight.


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The lavender is a perennial, bushy shrub that also feels most comfortable in direct sun and in soil with good water drainage. Infrequently water the plant and avoid fertilizers. Its winter hardiness depends entirely on the variety. Therefore, inform yourself beforehand.

Lemon balm

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Lemon balm has been one of the most popular, delicious spices for ages, which, by the way, spreads quickly and independently through seeds in the garden. It is perfect for your potted garden, especially because there is no risk of it taking up your entire garden over time. Plant them in the sun or partial shade in moist, nutritious soil with good drainage.

 Lemon verbena

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The lemon verbena, or simply called the lemon bush, is a tropical shrub that is usually grown as an annual in flower pots. Plant the tasty spices that have already been grown in the nursery in containers that are filled with a potting soil mixture and offer good water drainage. Avoid fertilizing, as lemon verbena grows best with only a few nutrients. She also loves the sun.


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Marjoram is related to oregano, but has a sweeter and milder smell and taste. Just like most of the others delicious spices the marjoram should be in the sun and needs a soil with good water drainage. This perennial plant should best overwinter indoors in cooler regions.


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The peppermint is an energetic plant that can quickly take over the garden. It is therefore better to plant it in a pot. It can grow in different types of soil and the intensity of the sun does not play a major role in it. The peppermint forms most of the leaves in rich soil. It is a perennial plant, but winter hardiness depends on its species. So check which one you have chosen, or inform yourself before buying.


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The oregano is a fundamental condiment in Mediterranean cuisine. The plant is a shrub that feels best in the sun and in soil with good drainage. When it comes to oregano, the more sun it gets, the spicier the taste of the leaves. Moist soil doesn’t suit him.


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The rosemary is a Mediterranean, evergreen shrub that loves hot, dry and sunny places. In order for it to grow well, it is important that the soil it is in can dry quickly. He gets along very well with dry periods. If you are growing the rosemary indoors, keep the soil moist, but never wet.


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Sage is particularly popular for seasoning poultry meat. It grows best in the sun in moist soil, but where the water does not accumulate. The sage is perfect for adding some structure to the potted garden. Not all, but most of the types of these herbs in the flower pot are hardy.


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There are different types of these delicious spices. However, everyone loves the sun and earth with good water drainage. Thyme doesn’t like a damp soil at all. So be careful not to overwater it.