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Growing vegetables on the balcony – which vegetables are suitable?

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Unfortunately, not everyone is a happy garden owner. But even a wind- and rain-protected balcony can easily be transformed into a blooming mini garden. The balcony offers enough space for growing vegetables on different levels. Which are the vegetables for the balcony and terrace that bring just as abundant harvest as in the garden? Here we give you some tips on how to grow Vegetables on the balcony.

Plant vegetables on the balcony or terrace

Vegetables on the balcony herb salad tomato cucumber garden

So that your kitchen is supplied with fresh ingredients for as long as possible, do not do without the balcony vegetable garden! First of all, the position of the balcony must be taken into account. South, south-east and south-west locations are recommended. The balcony should be calm enough, but also allow enough air exchange. For the cultivation of Vegetables on the balcony Both flower pots and planters are suitable.

Suitable vegetables for growing on the balcony: tomatoes

red cherry tomatoes cultivation pot-bucket balcony vegetable planting

When it comes to balcony gardens, tomatoes are essential! Plants in need of warmth are probably the most popular culture and require little care. They can be planted in a balcony box or in a pot as a hanging plant. Put the pots with tomatoes in a sunny spot. To be ripe and full of flavor, tomatoes need plenty of sun and good watering.

Growing vegetables on the balcony or terrace: cucumbers

Growing cucumbers on the balcony Garden pots Bucket tips Gardening

The second place for popularity as a balcony plant is taken by cucumbers. They need warmth, sun and watering, otherwise they taste bitter. Cucumbers can be grown either in pots or tubs from mid-May.

Growing fruits and vegetables on the balcony: eggplant

Eggplant Growing Planting-Balcony Plants Vegetable-Suitable Pot Plants

Eggplants are among the demanding nightshade family. Eggplants are only grown after mid-May. They can only be planted in pots or tubs.

Grow peppers and hot peppers yourself

Paprika Peperoni Flowerpot Planter Growing Vegetables Tips-Plant Breeding

Another popular vegetable is paprika. Like the cucumbers, it is planted from the middle and needs a lot of sun. Paprika, pepperoni and peppercini varieties can easily be grown in a box or tub on the balcony. As with the tomatoes, the seeds must be grown in germination boxes in the warm in the apartment for between 14 and 20 days.

Zucchini on your own balcony

Garden balcony-growing zucchini tips-potted flowers-box

Zuccini are also great for the balcony garden. It is grown in pots or buckets.

Grow fire bean

Fire beans balcony terrace tips vegetable garden

Firebeans are almost as popular as they are to be eaten and grown. The vegetable variety is very popular and can also be planted on the balcony. It takes up little space and, like zuccini, can be grown in pots or tubs.

Growing your own vegetables for the balcony: lettuce

Green lettuce, leaf lettuce, balcony pots, potted plants mini garden propagation

Of course, lettuce and lettuce should not be missing on the balcony. Salad is grown in a pot or bucket.

Planting radishes

Radic balcony tubs garden vegetables yourself

On the balcony, radishes also thrive in the balcony box, as well as in pots or buckets. When caring for them, it is important to ensure that they are not overwatered, otherwise they will begin to rot under the ground.

Planting vegetables on the balcony – carrots

Carrot varieties growing tips on vegetables on the balcony

Growing delicious carrots for the balcony is also worthwhile. A simple wooden box or a bucket for the balcony and soil is enough to plant the carrots. Cold-tolerant herbs, kohlrabi, spring onions, sweet sugar snap peas, etc. are also suitable for the balcony garden.