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Glass facade with mirror effect – extraordinary tree house

Glass facade - mirror facade - tree house - urban living

As a modern variant of the typical tree house, the additional structure on the roof of a single-family house fits perfectly into the urban environment. It is actually intended as a separate unit for a 12 year old boy, or in other words – a teenage room. From the outside it looks like a cube Glass facade that landed on the roof of the house. The concept and design are actually based on the traditional idea of ​​a tree house.

Glass facade with mirror effect hides on the roof of a town house

Glass facade -mirror facade-treehouse-mirroring-mirror

The cube-shaped tree house on the roof can hardly be seen from afar. This optical illusion is achieved very effectively through the glass facade with a mirror effect. By means of the mirror facade, the simple, cubic structure comes into contact with the outside world and creates irritation. The largely reflective surface works partly as a window pane, but only from the inside.

Glass facade with mirror effect: modern variant for a tree house in the city


The facade reflects the vegetation and the surrounding landscape and reveals little of the interior. The small building seems to dissolve in its surroundings and maintains the rhythm of modern city architecture. Only individual areas are transparent from the inside and function as large-format windows. Others are completely opaque and offer the privacy that you actually need.

A tree house in the urban environment – a glass facade with a mirror effect for the house on the roof

glass-facade-mirror facade-treehouse-interior-wood

During the day, the extraordinary glass facade reflects everything in the area and appears to be invisible. In the evening, the small house is enlivened by the interior lighting and acts as a futuristic lantern that stands out above the townhouses.

House with a facade made of glass and a minimalist interior made entirely of wood


While the exterior of the house appears futuristic, the interior of the small house is simple but very cozy. The interior, the furnishings and all the furniture are specially made for the project. Only natural plywood is used for this.

Minimalist interior made of plywood


The simple but functional equipment provides everything a single person needs: bedroom, study and entrance area. The individual rooms are not separated from each other by any doors. The decor is kept very simple and simple. The right-angled proportions and shapes dominate both outside and inside.

A modern tree house in the city – furniture and fittings made of plywood panels 


Large-format windows and facade made of glass with a mirror effect


Build a guest house with a mirror facade on the roof

Glass facade -mirror facade-treehouse-roof-house-city

Guesthouse sketch


But we have to admit that despite the great and effective design, this mirror facade can have harmful effects on the birds. Birds, as well as other animals, do not recognize the mirroring and will probably step against this glass facade. The implementation of the concept for a modern tree house on the house roof certainly provides for the protection of nature and wildlife.

* a project by Remico Siebring