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Garden decorations made of metal – 17 diverse ideas with an industrial character

Garden decoration made of metal -do-it-yourself-heart-rust

Garden decoration and outdoor accessories are a versatile topic and aim to set personal accents, spice up dreary corners and create a pleasant atmosphere. The choice of materials and the number of decorative objects depends primarily on the size of the outdoor area, but also on the individual preferences of the garden owner. Garden decorations made of metal are trendy and there is no chance for boredom. Whether very practical or simply pretty and decorative, vintage or rather simple, there is something for every style and every taste.

Combine garden decorations made of metal and garden furniture

garden decoration-metal-wood-bench-beautiful

Anyone who is lucky enough to have a garden will certainly want to spend a lot of time in the fresh air. The topic of garden decoration also moves him. Because it is precisely this that creates the pleasant, cozy atmosphere that every garden owner dreams of. If the garden furniture is available, the decorative objects should be selected accordingly. Robust materials that are weather-resistant and easy to care for are particularly suitable for outdoor use. Garden decorations made of metal are versatile and attractive. The material is durable, sustainable and can also be imaginatively combined with wood, glass and stone.

Garden decorations made of metal: figures, statues and all garden art

Garden decoration made of metal -deko-art-sculpture-rust

Garden decorations made of metal are available in a wide variety of designs and colors. However, it should be chosen to match the garden furniture in order to create a particularly harmonious overall impression. Many decorative objects can also be made yourself with a little manual skill, and scraps and scrap metal are often used for this. With the help of a few tools, you can process the metal relatively easily and create attractive decorations yourself.

Garden decorations made of rusty metal are trendy

Garden decoration made of metal -grate-cactus-sculpture

Rust decoration is trendy and conveys a lot of cosiness and harmony through the rough look. Edelrost is not just a rusty metal. This is actually about steel that has been treated with acid in a controlled manner and is rust-brown over a large area. The result is no ugly, brown spots, but a uniform surface with a particularly intense and beautiful color. This effect does not affect the weatherproof properties of the material and is only characterized by a visual effect.

Colorful metal garden decorations 

Garden decoration made of metal -flower-scrap-figures-colorful

The metal garden decoration is completely weatherproof if the surface is painted and does not have to be treated regularly. This means that the bright colors and decorative elements are preserved longer and more beautiful. Probably the best and most sustainable method for painting metal products is powder coating. The longevity of the color is guaranteed and the material is optimally protected from the elements.

Garden decorations made of metal – colored metal works of art through powder coating

Garden decoration made of metal -color-powder-coated-dinosaur-green

After this process, railings, stairs, fences and all metal objects in the outdoor area get a new face and extremely hard and firmly adhering corrosion protection. Although the material is extremely robust and durable, it should not have direct contact with the ground. It is best to lay flat stones underneath so that there is a space between the metal and the floor.

Extraordinary and special rusty garden decorations made of metal – Metal cock

garden decoration-metal-rooster-rust-corten-steel-figures

Animal figures made of metal are very popular for garden decoration. Cut out of sheet steel or three-dimensional, the garden sculptures look like they do in their natural surroundings, although they are anything but realistic. A rooster with a patina look looks extremely classy and is not only thematically relevant for Easter. But if the metal garden decoration stays outside all year round, it is worth choosing a really perfect location for it.

Garden decorations made from scrap metal


The garden decorations should neither be pointed nor too big on often used garden paths and seats. How the individual decorative objects are distributed in the garden is also very important. Different elements that are placed chaotically in no way appear like a harmonious whole. Therefore, one should limit oneself to a certain style or material and choose the garden objects accordingly.

Garden decorations made of metal and glass

garden decoration-metal-glass-plate-decoration-flowers-colorful

If you have a little skill and a few standard metal tools, you can also make attractive objects yourself. Scrap metal and other disused objects are particularly suitable for this. Different materials such as glass, wood and stone can be wonderfully combined with metal. The result is a unique element that gives the garden design a personal touch.

garden decoration-metal-glass-vases-creative-garden-plug

Because of the uniform surface, metal and glass simply go together perfectly. A garden decoration made of metal and glass is something very special. Colored glass sets special accents in the outdoor area, which are always an eye-catcher. Here, for example, old crystal vases and decorative metal balls are stacked on top of each other as garden plugs and are very well attached.

Garden decorations made of metal, glass and wood with a practical insert

garden decoration-metal-glass-colored-climbing aid

A garden decoration made of metal such as wind chimes or figures serve as purely decorative objects in the garden. Others that are permanently installed not only look great, but also have a very practical additional benefit. Like this trellis with eye-catching elements made of colored glass, which puts the plants in the limelight and at the same time gives sensitive plants a pleasant shade.

Make garden decorations out of metal and wood yourself

garden decoration-metal-wood-star-wall decoration-wreath

You can also make pretty garden decorations yourself. You can also incorporate other materials, such as commercially available pieces of wood or stones with a beautiful shape. In this way, in a few simple steps, imaginative decorative objects are created that give the garden design a personal touch.

Imaginative garden decorations: animals made of metal and stone

garden decoration-metal-stone-animal-owl

As a natural addition to real plants in the garden, funny animal figures made of metal and other materials can be found as popular garden decorations. These can look life-size and realistic or more unusual like real artistic sculptures. Above all, they should match the style of the garden and be placed in a representative manner.

Animals as garden decorations made of metal and stone

garden decoration-metal-stone-animals-bird

Most of the time, the metal decorative objects stay in the garden all year round, so they must be well attached. A decorative figure must have three or four legs or a long spike that can be rammed into the ground. In airy locations and without direct contact with the ground, the metal decoration can last for years if the paint layer is not mechanically damaged.

Garden decorations made of metal with practical additional benefits

garden decoration-metal-animal-bird-feeding-station-seeds

In contrast to the purely decorative eye-catching accents in the garden, bird houses, bird baths, trellises, wind and water features have a very practical additional benefit. Feeding stations for birds don’t have to look boring and combine the useful with the beautiful.

Garden decoration figures made of metal

Garden decoration-metal-rust-figures-plant-pots

No matter which style of metal garden decoration you choose, don’t overdo it with the eye-catching accents. Because with too much decoration, the garden looks smaller. Choose between fixed and movable objects that can be used to catch the eye in certain places and rearranged.