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Fresh cut flowers from the garden – which flowers are suitable?

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Everyone loves it, fresh cut flowers to put in a vase on the table. So what could be nicer than getting them from your own garden? Find out here which flowers you can plant in the garden so that you can later create a bouquet from them.

Fresh cut flowers from the garden

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Fresh cut flowers arranged as a bouquet can make the home particularly friendly and colorful. Since buying bouquets can become very expensive over time, many gardeners resort to their own flowers in the garden. And with the right planning, you too can ensure sufficient flowers to be yours throughout spring and summer fresh cut flowers can serve for the vase.

Choose a suitable place to plant the flowers

The best place to plant flowers is one that gets six to eight hours of sun a day. Also, choose the location so that you can easily get to the flowers to cut them off without stepping on others. The bed should ideally be slightly raised and reachable on all four sides. Since the garden needs to be watered daily on hot days, you should make sure that it is also within reach to water it by hand. A small gravel path or flagstones are great ways to enter the garden without damaging the flowers.

Fresh cut flowers – choose the right flowers

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You should choose the flowers for your garden based on the climate of your area. That will also determine the right time that you need to plant the flowers. You can choose between those that grow from onions and those that grow from seeds. They can be annual or perennial flowers. To ensure that you have flowers for many months, you can plant or sow them at different times.

In addition to brightly colored flowers, consider some green plants that can complement the bouquets. For example, tall grass, gypsophila or even rosemary are suitable for this. Use your own imagination when choosing the plants and flowers and you will certainly be able to create unique bouquets.

There are an incredible number of flowers that you can plant in the garden that will work well as well fresh cut flowers suitable.

Fresh cut flowers – five examples at a glance

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  • The hyacinth

The hyacinth grows from an onion. The pretty flowers, arranged like grapes, are perfect for the bouquet. They come in pink, red, orange, blue, purple, yellow and white. The flowers can be up to 30 cm high, which makes them an eye-catcher in the bouquet.

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  • Fresh cut flowers from anemone

There are many different types of anemones. They are popular for the garden. They are also available in different colors such as blue, white, dark pink, purple or purple and their flowers are similar to those of the daisy. Anemones will stay fresh in the vase for up to a week if they are cut properly.

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  • Peonies

The size and wonderful scent of the peonies’ flowers make this flower perfect for the vase. The flowers come in various shades of pink, red, lavender, white, cream and yellow.

Fresh cut flowers – helpful tips

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  • Dahlias

Because of their wonderful flowers, which can bloom in white, pink, purple, yellow or orange, the dahlias are one of the most popular garden and cut flowers. They too grow from onions. The flowers can be dainty as well as large.

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  • Zinnias

Zinnias arise from seeds, grow very quickly and have different flower colors such as yellow, white, strong red or delicate pink. The nice thing about them is that not only do they look great as cut flowers, but they also attract butterflies.

Design your own colorful and breathtaking flower garden and bring the beauty of nature as fresh cut flowers in your home.

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