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Flower staircase made of wood or metal as a beautiful decoration for the house and garden

Flower staircase made of wood wooden barrels-plant

The colorful blooming garden is without a doubt the dream of every hobby gardener in spring. Splendid flower beds with a wide variety of flowers and perennials are great, but they usually require a little more space in the garden. However, if the available space is limited, then you should not do without flowers and plants, but choose a space-saving alternative. With a flower staircase made of wood or metal, you can put beautiful flower pots and planters in the right scene and decorate the garden, balcony or even the apartment for spring and summer.


A flower staircase or shelf is a decorative element for the garden, balcony or apartment, on which you can beautifully arrange different flower pots, planters and decorations. Flower stairs are particularly space-saving and are therefore perfect for small rooms and areas. A plant staircase can be found out of wood, metal or plastic, or you can even build it yourself. In this article you will find many great ideas for a beautiful decoration with flower stairs, as well as a few helpful tips for their correct use and care. We also present some upcycling ideas for building a flower staircase made of wood, which you can use as inspiration for your own garden design.

Flower staircase made of wood as a beautiful garden decoration

Flower staircase-wood-garden-flowerpots

Beautifully designed flower stairs are very decorative and can be used to set wonderful accents in the garden. Even if you have a larger garden, you can consider plant stairs to beautify the outside area. A flower staircase made of wood looks particularly natural and fits perfectly into a green area. In this way, individual plants can also be put in the limelight and turned into a wonderful eye-catcher.

Flower stairs garden flower ladder ideas

Plant stairs are similar to a ladder or stepladder, depending on their height. They are offered in different sizes and can therefore accommodate different numbers of plants. As a rule, plant containers and flower boxes are mounted on the individual steps of the ladder, where the plants are then planted. Alternatively, the flower pots are simply arranged on the steps and attached to them for more stability.


A flower staircase made of wood can be painted and decorated as desired so that it blends in harmoniously with the outside area. The subdivision in different levels enables a creative design of the flower staircase, which you can adapt perfectly to your own wishes. In addition, the individual levels enable easier care for the plants, which thanks to this design are always within your reach. So you can easily water every flower box and care for it as needed.

Flower staircase-wood-ladder-flower shelf

However, you should not necessarily design the flower staircase with flower boxes and plant containers. You can use the shelves purely decorative by embellishing the individual steps with a decoration of your choice. These can be, for example, flower vases with cut flowers, beautiful picture frames with photos of the family or decorative objects. Let your creativity run wild!


A plant staircase or flower shelf can be designed entirely according to personal taste and adapted to every season. In spring, early bloomers such as tulips and daffodils are perfect for this, and in autumn they can be replaced by beautiful autumn flowers such as asters or dahlias.

Make flower stairs out of wood yourself


If you have decided on a wooden flower staircase as a decoration for the garden or balcony, you can also build it yourself. You have two options to choose from: either you build the entire stand yourself from the beginning, or you redesign an old garden ladder. If you are building a complete flower staircase yourself, then you should think about the design in advance and collect all the necessary materials.


The wooden flower staircase shouldn’t necessarily be too big or difficult to build. With a few old wooden blocks and some wooden boards, you can build a simple ladder and arrange it as with plants. It is only important that your design has different levels and that the planters can stand on them in a stable manner.

Build your own flower staircase with a drawer ladder

Instead of building the flower boxes for the plant stairs yourself, you can recycle old objects. In this upcycling project, a few old drawers are turned into creative flower boxes and used as steps on the flower staircase. To do this, you should first make a drainage in the drawers or cover them with pond liner if you wish. Only then fill it with soil and plant various flowers and plants of your choice. This wooden flower staircase is perfect for the garden as well as for the terrace or patio area.


If you can’t handle wood as a material, then you shouldn’t necessarily build an entire flower shelf yourself. Rather, you can recycle an old ladder and convert it into a beautiful wooden flower staircase. The ladder can be painted as desired and decorated with planted pots. For wooden ladders that do not have flat steps, you can use hanging pots with flowers.


Such a wooden ladder is perfect for the outside wall of the house or the house entrance. In addition to the flower pots with colorful flowers, you can decorate the ladder with a “Welcome” sign and thus give a warm welcome to friends and neighbors.

Design the plant staircase as a herb garden


In addition to colorful flowers and lush plants, you can also decorate the wooden flower staircase with fresh herbs in pots. Parsley, basil, thyme and rosemary are often used in the kitchen and taste much better when they are fish collected from the garden. You can buy the plants ready-made in pots, or you can sow them yourself. So you always have the herbs and spices you need to hand and can use them to prepare delicious dishes.

Depending on the number of herb pots, you can use a small or larger plant staircase. Usually, three-tier flower racks will do just fine if you only use the stand for herbs. On the other hand, if you want to create a mixed flower staircase, then you will probably need more steps for flower pots.


With a plant staircase you can save a lot of space in the garden or on the balcony and still create a useful herb garden. A beautiful wooden flower staircase can be made from an old garden ladder or a child’s stepladder and used for this purpose. So that you can put several herbs and plants on them at the same time, you can build additional wooden boards on the steps and expand the space available for pots. With a colored coating, the plant staircase can be designed according to your own taste or coordinated with the rest of the garden decorations.

You can also create a herb garden on a flower shelf in the apartment if you live in the city or do not have a garden. The flower staircase saves space and can easily be placed in a corner of the apartment or on the balcony.

Flower staircase made of wood as a romantic wedding decoration


With a flower staircase made of wood you can not only beautify the garden, but also make a rustic wedding decoration yourself. For an outdoor wedding, the altar can even be built from flower stairs and decorated with fresh cut flowers. This great idea is perfect for a rustic wedding that is celebrated in the garden. Old garden ladders can also be converted and used for the special occasion.


If you are looking for creative ideas for an outdoor wedding, you can also use smaller flower stairs for the decoration. These can be placed around the garden, for example, and decorated with flowers and other decorations of your choice. Flower vases with cut flowers that match the theme of the wedding look particularly beautiful. Be creative with the design of the flower stairs to conjure up a wonderful decoration.

Plant stairs made of metal for home and garden


However, you can find flower and plant stairs not only made of wood, but also from other materials. Since the wooden flower staircase, for example, is not completely weatherproof, you can opt for models made of metal or plastic. You can leave a metal plant staircase in the garden all year round without worrying about the condition of the material. However, the same does not apply to designs made of wood, as the material can be damaged by snow and frost.


For the outside area, flower stairs made of metal or iron are ideal and they can be used to set beautiful accents. The choice of designs and sizes is wide and you can find a suitable model for your own area. If you want to design a covered area with a plant staircase, wood and metal are just as suitable and you can adapt the design to the interior.

Plant stairs winter garden pots

A flower staircase made of wood or metal is therefore particularly popular not only for the garden or balcony, but also indoors. You can use it to put your indoor plants in the limelight and beautifully decorate every room in the apartment. A plant staircase made from an old stepladder only takes up a little space on the floor and is even perfect for small one-room apartments.

Plant stairs-wood-interior-space-saving

Do you have a lot of house plants that you keep on the windowsill or somewhere on the floor? You can arrange the pots on a plant staircase and embellish the apartment with a small vertical garden. Depending on the size and design, the flower stairs can accommodate a variety of plants. In this way, the houseplants can also be watered and cared for more easily. Just make sure that you place the flower staircase in a spot that is flooded with light so that your plants get a sufficient amount of light.