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Fireplace in the garden – 23 models as a practical accessory

lighting fairy lights seating area fireplace in brick garden

You have to admit that one Fire pit in the garden already creates a unique atmosphere. So if you don’t already have one, you should definitely consider it for the design of your garden or terrace this year. There are an infinite number of models and designs, so that you can find the right one for your style and also provide an eye-catcher in the outdoor area. And not only that! A fireplace in the garden can also be practical and, in addition to being a heat source, also serve as a grill.

Concrete fireplace in the garden and benches to stow the logs

Found on archiexpo.

solid fuel fireplace in the garden bench wood log concrete design

Of course, this applies to the variants that can work with wood and coal. Otherwise, you can also choose from fireplaces with ethanol as fuel. The hanging fire pits are just as attractive and original. We would like to introduce you to these and a few other models in today’s list of wonderful designs for the fireplace in the garden.

Fire pit in the garden with ethanol as fuel

Found at allbackyardfun.

table fireplace in the garden ethanol armchair wood floor

This variant of a fireplace is mainly used to look pretty. And she can do that too. The protective glasses give the fire pits a particularly classy and elegant look, so that such a fire pit in the garden is also perfect as a decoration and creates a great atmosphere.

Fireplace with effective protective glass from EcoSmartFire

fireplace in the garden smart rattan furniture patio idea pillow blue


Fireplace with ethanol as a coffee table

terrace design seating area fireplace ethanol table side table white

Found at archiexpo.

Modern fireplace in white

modern fireplace white gas ethanol design oval deck chair

Found at archiproducts.

Fire pit with recessed seating area

Design by Hufft Projects.

Hanging fire pit in the garden

chimney hanging fireplace balcony idea modern tuscany style

Found at archiproducts.

The hanging fire pits are also extremely modern and attractive. Regardless of its shape, the fireplace in the garden or on the terrace looks impressive and at the same time radiates a pleasant warmth on cool evenings. So if you are looking for an extravagant model, these examples are just right for you!

Hanging fire pit on a wall

black fireplace hanging in the garden kitchen outdoor

Found at archiproducts.

Fireplace also suitable for pergola

Hanging fireplace in the garden black patio armchair

Found at archiproducts.

Fire pit in the garden – braziers and others

fire bowl garden idea oleander log orange black design

Found at archiexpo.

Of course, the classic fire bowl is also a great variant. You can either install this in any fire-resistant location or you can choose a convertible one that you can stow away if necessary. Whether made of metal or stone, these models are perfect for spontaneous barbecues and will delight you for many years to come. You can look at some example designs for such a fireplace in the garden below.

seats red fireplace terrace wood metal design

Found on archiexpo.

Bioethanol fireplace in the garden metal decoration idea palm trees garden path

Found on archiexpo.

roof terrace design fireplace design original stones wood

Design of the roof terrace by Scott Torrance Landscape Architects.

concrete design seating area bench fireplace throw pillows plants succulents

Design by Arterra Landscape Architects.

stones bowl fireplace concrete pebbles outdoor garden

Design by Greenfield.

fireplace concrete chairs wood outdoor decoration gravel graeser

Design by Baran Studio Architecture.

design fire bowl seating area garden house modern rustic

Design by Tóth Project Architect Office.

fireplace in the garden faber stainless steel look seating area gray rattan

Design by Faber.

fireplace in the garden escea design modern gray privacy screen lamps pool

Design by Escea.

fireplace in the garden totem design planika bioethanol fuel original

Design by Planika Fires.

fireplace in the garden attica fire bowl modern rattan couch pebbles

Design by Attica.

fireplace in the garden morso black free-standing seat cushion concrete bench

Design by Morso.