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Fire and water in the garden – a cozy combination


Today we’re going to show you how such different and opposing elements like that Fire and water in the garden To be able to harmonize with one another in an indescribably great way and that in your own garden area. We also have a few interesting photos for you as examples of combinations of fire pits and swimming pools that you can use for inspiration.

Fire and water in the garden – a fireplace as a heat source


The modern design nowadays makes a lot out of your house, especially when it comes to the outdoor area, such as the garden, the terrace or the inner courtyard. Swimming pools, in particular, should not be missing in any garden, because what could be more pleasant than jumping into the cool water on a hot summer day and enjoying a relaxing refreshment. But what would you think of being able to use the pool on the cooler evenings or even in late spring or early autumn? That would be possible by you Fire and water in the garden combine.

Fire and water in the garden – enjoy a romantic atmosphere with friends

Natural stones-as-fence-side-table-drinks-swimming-pool

In case you are wondering, what is meant is a fireplace. Because if it is available outside, you can sit down by the fire after bathing and enjoy the warmth it radiates and the view of your pool. But even if the space in your garden does not allow for a pool, it is always possible to find one for a cozy fireplace. You can use these to gather with friends on a cool evening outdoors or even for a barbecue. So Fire and water in the garden is a perfect combination for longer evenings or days under the sky.

The optical advantages of water in combination with fire

open-hearth-tree-natural stone-bottom-swimming pool

The combination of fire and water in the garden can also look wonderful and increase the aesthetic value of every garden, provided that they are well adapted to each other. The possibilities that there are to combine the two elements are truly endless and are only limited by your imagination. It doesn’t matter how much space you have available, because even a small area is ideal for a cozy seating area with a fireplace by the pool. Here, too, there are no limits to your imagination.

Diverse variants of a fireplace

Natural stone-floor-square-geometric-shapes-fireplace-swimming pool

You can choose a fireplace in a classic, but also in a modern style. There are also variants in which the fireplace is movable (e.g. fire bowls) or embedded in the ground, or you can add a traditional, built-in fireplace to your outdoor area. To combine fire and water, choose a style that best matches that of the pool.

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To convince yourself of the magic of the combination of fire and water and to get some inspiration, you can now look at the examples.

Water under your feet

Lighting-wall-wooden floor-natural stone-oblong-shape-swimming-pool-under-the-floor

Paradise and pure relaxation

Upholstered chairs-fireplace-as-a-compartment-bright-ceramic-tones


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