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Feng Shui plants that promote positive energy in the house

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The plants are generally one of the most beautiful and natural ornaments in the house. Their influence is enormous, they have a very positive effect on us and help us to get through the day better. The flowers and green plants in general send the “good” energy into our home. The plants according to Feng Shui are very often used with the aim of ridding the house of “bad” energy. Not only green, but also artificial plants are used, which are made from very high quality silk. The philosophy of Feng Shui tells us that the flowers bring us very positive energy and improve our mood, no matter where we are at the moment.

Plants according to Feng Shui – but which ones?

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In order for the flowers to do their job properly, it is important that they are properly positioned in the room. They only have the corresponding positive effect if certain Feng Shui rules are adhered to – Chi (unifying and comprehensive energy) is liberated and flows through the whole house. the Plants according to Feng Shui have different meanings, depending on their shape, color and size.

Here are some of the most common Feng Shui flowers and their symbolism:

Flowers and plants according to Feng Shui – the peony


Peonies (Paeonia), also called peonies, are aromatic flowers that smell so pleasant and look so good that they are often compared to the attraction and beauty of a young woman. They have been used as a remedy for lovesickness since ancient times in the philosophy of Feng Shui. This mainly corresponds to the pink flowers. To be able to attract love and harmony in your home, put two pink peonies in your bedroom. However, this is not particularly recommended for couples with a long-term relationship because the peony could infidelity the lady in the couple.

The lotus flower

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The flowers of the lotus flower have been used as a medicinal product in Chinese medicine for a very long time. Each component of this Feng Shui flower has a specific meaning and its own healing powers. This fact makes them suitable for every apartment in which harmony and cosiness prevail. The lotus flower symbolizes the highest perfection. Its purity is divine, according to Feng Shui.

The cherry blossoms


Almost all types of flowering fruit trees are considered means that are responsible for the positive energy in the apartment in the house and bring in the sense of the new beginning, freshness and innocence. Feng Shui focuses a lot on the blossoms of the cherry, the sour cherry, the peach, the apple, the cornel cherry. The most widely used remedy for positive energy liberation is the cherry blossom. It helps to keep the marriage alive and makes love strong.

The orchid

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According to Feng Shui, the orchid is a classic symbol of fertility. If it is placed in the house, it ensures order and the positive charge of the roommates. It is an emblem of perfection and perfection in all directions of life. In-house breeding would bring you purity, peace of mind, positive development, abundance, and beauty. The power of her energy is very strong and that makes her the most used flower in Feng Shui – all over the world.

The daffodil

daffodils bedroom plants according to feng shui energy house

According to Chinese philosophy, the daffodil is the flower that takes care of the energizing and brings happiness into the house. The Chinese philosophers say that this flower balances the harmony, the comfort, the joy of life.


chrysanthemums types of flowers according to feng shui energy house

This flower will bring balance and lightness into your home, while the strong Yang energy will help bring good luck to everyone in your home. According to Chinese philosophy, this flower will balance the harmony, comfort and joie de vivre in the family.

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Flowers are generally indispensable powerful means of freshening, strengthening, and improving the energy in your home. Regardless of whether they come fresh from the garden or from the shop, whether they are hanging on the wall in the form of a picture or a photo, they are one of the best alternatives to decorate your home, make it more beautiful and the positive chi energy flow there allow.

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