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Exclusive Feng Shui house with garden in South Africa

Feng Shui House -garden-water-lighting-wood-natural stone

Metropole Architects recently designed an exclusive domicile with ocean views north of Durban, South Africa. It was built entirely according to the Feng Shui principles and is characterized by a modern, exotic interior design. The floor plan and the orientation of the rooms meet reflective water surfaces and so the flow of positive energy is retained in the house. Find out more about this exclusive Feng Shui house with garden in South Africa here.

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According to Feng Shui, the environment in which we live affects our well-being. The location is a prerequisite for good energy in the house. Running water, for example, distributes the chi evenly and thus supplies the environment with the necessary energy. The shape of the property and the floor plan of the house also play an important role in the living atmosphere. A rectangular or square shape is considered optimal. The orientation of the house or the entrance area is of central importance in Feng Shui for the energy quality and thus for the health or professional success of the residents. Which is the cheapest is strictly individual and can be calculated based on the individual information provided by the residents.

Feng Shui house garden front door front yard lighting

The front door is very important when designing a Feng Shui house. The room that is exactly opposite the entrance area receives most of the energy. It is best if there is another one opposite the front door that leads to the backyard or garden, for example. This dreamlike domicile is designed and exclusively furnished according to these principles.

Feng Shui house-garden-sea view-natural stone-pool

On the other side of the house and directly opposite the house entrance there is a wonderful terrace facing the sea with a wooden deck, pool and an exclusive lounge area with several highlights. To reach this, you have to go through the spacious living room. It is divided into several areas, which are separated from each other by glass walls. The interior looks bright and inviting. The exclusive furniture upholstered in exotic leather makes a great impression.

feng-shui-house-garden-pool-wooden deck-sea view

Traditionally manufactured furniture with a playful design in combination with cowhide carpets and wood create a harmonious, cozy and extremely individual atmosphere. The wonderful view of the ocean from every area of ​​the Feng Shui house rounds off the wonderful overall picture and makes the exotic domicile unmistakable.

feng-shui-house-garden-pool-wooden deck-natural stone-terrace roofing

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* a project by Metropole Architects