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DIY ideas for the garden – a vertical flower pot

DIY ideas for the garden wooden privacy fence-vertical-garden

Do you like tiered designs at home? Do you have little space in the living room, garden or on the terrace to position the popular plants? If you are a fan of vertical structure, then maybe you could use our ideas. They include all types of plants – from succulents to strawberries and flowers.

DIY ideas for the garden – a vertical, step-shaped plant container

DIY ideas for the garden garden-wooden pallet-herbs-flowers

Garden design is something that landscape gardeners learn over the years. However, there are some interesting and helpful tricks and DIY ideas for the garden, which you can also learn on the Internet and which are easy to implement. Today’s instructions for a vertical garden are especially useful if you don’t have enough space to plant larger areas. With the do-it-yourself vertical flower pot, you can save space while improving the overall decor of your garden. You can also use it to decorate the veranda or terrace, as it can be easily moved if you wish.

DIY ideas for the garden – what you need:

DIY ideas for the garden trellis-wall-yellow-clay-pot-herbs

All you need is wooden boards, pallets or a lattice structure and you have a pretty vertical flower pot that you can use to decorate your garden. You will also need a staff for that DIY ideas with hanging bags or wooden boxes stably on top of each other and prevent them from falling, of course a few flowers or aromatic plants, as well as potting soil. Use the photos as a guide and create your own, original, vertical garden easily and in a short time.


Planter on the wall


Use a pair of old pallets and create your mini garden like this 


This idea is for the garden or patio – flowers, strawberries, and herbs hang from the fence


A DIY idea with a grid that is hung on a wire system


Create a great wooden pyramid from boards that are directed diagonally


Nice idea for all surfaces made from a grid base


A wooden pyramid for the strawberries in the garden