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Design the garden in spring – beautify the house and the garden

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We’ll be happy to help you this spring Design the garden to be able to do so in such a way that your neighbors will be jealous. Freshen up your home with our ideas. Spring cleaning is an activity that is not only popular for the interiors. First of all, why do you need all the attention to your carpets, floors, and windows? With warmer times and weather just around the corner, it is high time to give your garden or patio a better look. So that spring can bring you real joy, we have collected simple tips for you that will design your garden and make it a pleasant place.

Simple tips for garden design

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Bring order to your garden

If you have a garden, now is the time to tidy it up. Remove any old plants that are dead from winter. Gather unnecessary branches that are on the ground. After that, you could easily brush up on everything and get on with it Design the garden continue. The plants that are deep in the ground and have thick roots would also have to be removed so that the new spring flowers could find their way up. It’s that simple – you are now ready to plant new crops.

Organize and clean up

Think of your yard as a continuation of your apartment. It is much better than using your garden as a warehouse for unnecessary things, for toys, instruments. Find another more suitable place for this. Clear the courtyard of the manure, dirt, and twigs that winter brought in it.

Clean all the debris from all benches, chairs, stools, and tables. It could also happen that they are unclean, even if the furniture has been well covered. If you have a parasol in the yard, don’t forget to think about it too – remove the dirt with a sponge and all-purpose cleaner. Let it dry well before putting it next to the table. Buy a special patio bench where you can store things like this one from Target. Fill these with blankets, toys, or even candles or tea lights. You could then quickly get those things out later when you need them. You could also find other furniture or places to store unnecessary items. You could also very successfully paint an old wooden box and give it a new look. Choose the right colors that will decorate your garden – in the best possible way.

Design your garden in spring – rearrange your space

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Spring is perfect for giving new life to your garden. The best thing to do is to just rearrange the furniture you already have and freshen it up.

Define: remember how your garden space is organized. Is your furniture optimally organized, or is it just lying everywhere in the yard? You could use different tools and ways to make your corner of the garden look its best.

Just do that again Design the garden, by rearranging the furniture differently than before. If you don’t like dragging things around the garden, you don’t have to. But it is amazing what new look the garden will get if some furniture were moved to another place.


Tired of your old garden furniture? Buy new ones! You wouldn’t have to spend that much money on it. You could just buy some new pillows. Or new covers for the couch and chairs. With very few such little things, you could create a good garden!

How to design your garden – accessories add color

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Add flowers and colorful plants to the garden, also a few decorative accessories. They bring a fresher mood and beautify the outside area. You don’t necessarily have to go camping to enjoy the cozy atmosphere around the campfire. We love the Crate black square fireplace & Barrel that will add charm to your outdoor oasis.

Install a colored lightbulb such as one of these “X & Y ”light from“ Gnr8 biz ”, designed by Giuseppe Colonna. Not only are they stylish, they also create a soft glow in your garden.

Beautify the garden bench or the chairs with cushions from “Outdoor Grecian block pillows” from West Elm. Choose between papaya and white or blue and white.

Give life to your garden with this “spiral citrine planter” from “Anthropologie”. Or better, take two or three that will make your room look brighter.

No matter what space you have, you could use simple tips and tricks to find it Design the garden, Freshen up and get it ready for the coming spring!

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