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Design a modern conservatory – 35 inspirations

conservatory-modern-design-exterior-glazing-white-upholstered armchair-pouf-carpet

If you have your existing Modern conservatory want to remodel, renovate and furnish or otherwise – have one built, you should have an overview of which important tips and of course which great design ideas collect as inspiration. What not to forget before or during construction?

Grow and design a modern conservatory

winter garden-modern-design-spa-whirlpool-plants-daylight-glazing-terrace

The winter garden is usually attached to a building through construction and glazing and a permit with the consent of the neighbors is required. Find out about the legal side of the question from the authorities and conservatory manufacturers.

Design the winter garden in a modern and functional way


The use of the winter garden is closely related to the location and orientation of the facility. If you only used it during the warm season or as a shelter for plants in winter, you don’t need to invest so much in a multi-glazed construction. Otherwise, the winter garden serves as an extension of the living space and requires high-quality equipment.

Designing a winter garden – location and orientation

winter garden-modern-design-building-apartment-white-glass railing-glazing-stepped-glass roof

The load-bearing construction of the winter garden can be made of wood, metal or plastic. Sustainable isolation from external influences is required. Here, too, as with any glazed surface, equipment for ventilation, heating and sun protection comes into question. Unwanted heat, cold or moisture will certainly spoil the good mood and atmosphere when using the system. Therefore you plan everything after you have become clear with the orientation and location of the construction.

Conservatory glazing

winter garden-modern-design-white-elegant-minimalist-plant-armchair-daylight

Orientation to the north does not require sun protection, but powerful heating in winter. On the contrary, the south-facing orientation of the winter garden heats the room, not just a lot – in summer, adequate sun protection and ventilation is required. With the west or east orientation, you can look forward to the pleasant sunshine in the afternoon or in the morning. Therefore, you should think about when and how you would use the winter garden and plan it according to the architectural conditions. In any case, seek advice from a specialist beforehand!

Materials for the winter garden

winter garden-modern-design-white-minimalist-glazing-building

Modern design and furnishing

Winter garden-modern-design-white-daylight-sea view-seating-beige-white-fur carpet

Design, heat and ventilate the winter garden in a modern way

winter garden-modern-design-elegant-chairs-carpet-plants-daylight-white

Design a modern conservatory and get advice from professionals 

winter garden-modern-design-elegant-beige-laminated-floor-white-couch-carpet

Design the winter garden in a modern way – further inspiring ideas

winter garden-modern-design-design-dining-table-patio-doors-hall-floor-daylight

Design the winter garden in a modern way and place it next to the pool

conservatory-modern-design-glazing-pool-sliding-doors-patio doors

With a winter garden effect through roof glazing 


Design the winter garden in a modern way – view from the outside

Winter garden-modern-design-glazing-outside-seating-white-rattan

Design a modern conservatory – as Leisure area

winter garden-modern-design-play-corner-tiles-flooring-glazing-black

winter garden-modern-design-sunny-sitting-corner-lounger-side-table-reading corner

conservatory-modern-design-seating-daylight-flooring-natural stone-fan-ceiling-cladding-wood


conservatory-modern-design-glazing-black-sun protection-plant-foldable-chairs


winter garden-modern-design-seating-upholstered-furniture-cozy-deco-console table-canopy

conservatory-modern-design-seating-cushions-upholstery-coffee table-plants


conservatory-modern-design-natural stone-flooring-study-house-shade-daylight

winter garden-modern-design-wood-forest-seating-upholstered cushions-plank floor


conservatory-modern-design-tiles-flooring-seating-coffee table-dining table-patio doors-garden

winter garden-modern-design-extravagant-chessboard-pattern-black-white

conservatory-modern-design-exotic-couch-armchair-upholstery-wall covering

winter garden-modern-design-desgn-glass-wall-glazing-marble-natural stone


conservatory-modern-design-study-wooden floor-carpet-white-armchair

winter garden-modern-design-glazing-apartment-laminate-floor-plants-buddha-statue

winter garden-modern-design-white-elegant-glazing-seating-upholstered-furniture-pavement

Winter garden modern-design-white-living room-corner couch-beige-brown

Winter garden modern-design-roof-glazing-terracotta-seating-beige-upholstery

Modern conservatory - design - glazing - white - natural stone - flooring - seating - daylight

Modern conservatory - design - glazing - glass house - parquet floor - seating - dining table - wood

Modern conservatory - design-terracotta-floor-spotlights-plants