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Decoration in the garden: 85 furniture & accessories to make yourself

decoration in the garden hanging flower pot succulents original

It is really amazing what you can do for the garden. Decorations and accessories, garden lights and garden fences can be tinkered and individualized with a little imagination and manual skills. Old furniture can be spiced up without much effort, various household items – repurposed. There are numerous ways to add character to your garden. Browse through our picture gallery to find inspiration for your individual equipment and Decoration in the garden to find.

Decoration in the garden for the fence

decoration in the garden fence wood colorful bench yellow

With homemade pots and flower tubs, you can put your colorful flowers in the limelight. The garden can be decorated with creative, self-designed lanterns, the simple parasol can be embellished with fabric roses – there are hardly any limits to your imagination. If you are with the kids Decoration in the garden Expect several untraditional ideas from them! The best part is that kids have great fun doing handicrafts!

Decoration in the garden – garden path

decoration in the garden garden path wood discs idea

In the warm spring days, the blossoming nature lures us outside. For all real DIY fans it is clear: the additional living room outdoors only becomes really homely with the appropriate furniture. Luckily, the design of the furniture for the garden is a matter of taste and you have practically a free hand in designing it. In recent years, however, furniture made from used Euro pallets has established itself as a garden trend. These work really well as seating, as well as side tables or stands for planters. You can also bring a piece of nature onto the balcony or the small terrace.

Bicycle as decoration and flower box

decoration in the garden bike design flower pot baskets

Instead of buying new pots, tubs and boxes, there are a variety of containers that can be planted. Metal buckets, porcelain vases, old tea and watering cans are perfect for this purpose. Very special mini gardens are created with succulents and house lice of different colors. Drill several holes in the bottom of the container to allow the excess water to drain away.

Set up a bird bath in the garden

decoration in the garden bird bath bowl green brown glass

You can still make a beautiful wind chime yourself from old household items. Old cutlery, keys and other things are first hung on a wire and form the sound body. A large branch or an old metal sieve could be used to hang it up.

Chairs in the garden as flower pots

garden decorating old chairs-converting colorful plants

Decoration in the garden: beautiful and creative

paint used car tires-do-it-yourself garden decoration

Do-it-yourself garden furniture

garden furniture wooden chest of drawers flower pots storage space terrace

Staging herbs, plants and flowers in an imaginative way

Beautify watering can flowerpot with decoupage technique

Decorate with rubber boots

old rubber boots as floor vase decoration house entrance stairs

Arrange garden decorations with plants

garden vessels flower boxes suitcase wicker baskets upcycling ideas

Build bird feeders with the children

diy bird feeder garden attract birds do-it-yourself projects

Decorative doll made from clay pots

garden figurines ceramic flower pots decorative doll

Make decorations in the garden with children

do-it-yourself garden decoration picture from moss small plants flowers

Photo backdrop for family celebrations

family photos decoration-in the garden-for festive occasions-ideas

Garden table decoration with plants

garden decoration to make yourself outdoor table hanging flowers

Bird feeder made of cork stoppers

Bird bird feeders build cork bottle stoppers out of wood

Use old lightbulbs as vases

Tinker decoration in the garden-old lightbulbs-as flower vases

Garland for garden made of fabric or paper

tinker with paper make hand-tight decorations-with clothespins-attached

Wind chimes create a magical atmosphere

summer garden wind chimes yourself tinker ideas decoration

Romantic garden decoration with flowers and chains

garden decoration-romantic design sitting area-rustic garden table curtain

Hanging flower vases made from jam jars

ideas hanging decoration-garden decorations-do-it-yourself

garden decoration wood garden fence-old bike wall decoration flower pot

garden table decoration for outdoors - bouquet of flowers high glass vase

tinker with children welcome sign garden decoration bird-made of wood

garden hanging decoration lighting do it yourself blue bottles

garden table rustic decoration lush bouquet of flowers spring decoration

origami birds decoration for garden recycle lightbulbs

Spice up the garden rainwater drainpipe-yellow paint-watering can

garden accessories bird feeder build metal

mini-garden bitop for insects decoration ideas-make-yourself-tree trunks

garden decoration metal wire mesh tea lights small plants wooden stool

decorative old bicycle rims recycle fence do it yourself

Create garden paths auger design with stone grass

daybed garden seating used wooden pallet furniture design

Planting table wooden dresser-repurposing garden furniture stow accessories

Planting table garden furniture ideas to spice up with color

Seating furniture for garden make used white painted car tires yourself

Order system for garden accessories ideas for stowing things

garden decoration-furniture ideas armchair-plastic crate recycle

hanging sofa for terrace and garden striped cushions furniture trends

Sitting area mediterranean style privacy screen cloth colorful ideas decoration in the garden

round bench-build ideas from recycled wood garden ideas

Cable drum seating group build garden furniture yourself ideas

garden lighting lanterns from jam jars make colorful decorations yourself

romantic lighting in the garden candles decoration discreetly

Glasses decoration for the garden-do-it-yourself-lighting-fairy lights

garden lighting to make yourself-hanging metal can cups

decoration in the garden ideas lampshade-tinker old wicker baskets

garden lampshade ideas to make yourself outdoor light

garden table decorations idea tea cups as flower pots

accessories garden decorations flower pots upcycling ideas household items

upcycling ideas-garden decorations-glass bottles flower vases

plant containers-flower pots made of light metal garden pots

white flower box for patio entrance garden decoration ideas

Herb garden, pots stacked on top of one another, cultivate different plants

garden table decoration with vases glass cactus plants

deco ideas-to do-it-yourself-käppchen hut wall-planter

garden chess board flower pots-mini biotope garden decoration

Flower pots from old containers metal can ideas decoration in the garden

Flower pot succulent wall decorations hanging in the garden

garden table flower vase-glass parsley bouquet cork stopper

DIY garden decoration - attach flower pots vertically on a metal grid

garden ideas hanging flower pots rain boots rubber

wooden pallets recycling flower boxes building garden planters

herb garden flower pot old container vessels bucket upcycling

Reuse garden plants in flower pots and wine bottles

old wine bottles cork stopper flower pots ideas-environmentally friendly

Bamboo poles trellis for climbing plants to tinker ideas