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Decoration ideas – which balcony flooring to choose


The gray concrete balcony is usually the last place in the home that you start remodeling. Maybe that’s because he’s too small to justify a whole team of workers laying the tiles and terracotta, cementing it all, and then polishing the tiles. Or you live to rent and do not want to invest in something that you cannot take with you when you move later. For these reasons, we have some interesting ideas for you to choose from balcony Flooring, with which you can transform it yourself.

The balcony flooring – preparation


No matter what kind of materials you use for that balcony Flooring choose, they must be heavy enough or fixed enough not to slide around and be shifted in strong winds. Also, don’t forget the opening through which the water drains.

The materials for the balcony flooring


In recent years there have been interesting variants made of wood as balcony Flooring appeared. They are made from special types of wood and with the help of technologies that guarantee a long life of the material by protecting it from the aging process. Installation is easy and does not require any special skills. Such a floor covering gives you the opportunity to provide comfort and an atmosphere with which you can feel close to nature.

Flooring made of wood

children's table-balcony-wood-decking-outside

If you have a pretty small balcony you can use as a Balcony flooring choose large slabs of granite or stone slabs. Instead of cementing them in and grouting them afterwards, you can just arrange them close together. You can even leave out some panels and fill them with stones or other decorative materials later.

Good old stone


Should be the top layer, so the Balcony flooring are made of concrete, you can use another, simple variant. Just paint it with a paint suitable for concrete. There are also other products for textured surfaces. You can use these too, but don’t forget that they will attract more dust and dirt. You may also need to ask a specialist to do it for you.

Concrete flooring


You may find that you have dated some tiles balcony Flooring to fit around the pipes, to accommodate any unusual shapes, or to fill the space between the last row and the outer wall of your home. If you are using wooden tiles, you can easily cut them to size with a saw. Even with mosaic as Balcony flooring is not that difficult. With granite, slate or other stone, however, a special tool is needed for cutting. Difficulties like this can easily be solved by leaving the areas blank and then filling them with stones.

Exotic mosaic 


For the balcony Flooring are made in a wide variety of colors and styles, as well as from different materials. Such materials are wood, granite, slate, stone and many more, so you are sure to find something that will also suit your interior. A great advantage is that if you don’t like something, you can swap what you have selected and rearrange everything.

Balcony flooring made of slate


If the tiles are not enough for you or you want to experiment with the shapes and you have filled most of the vacant spaces with stones, we recommend a flower pot that is large enough, as well as a plant that you can place depending on the amount of light that is on your Balcony falls, choose. This gives you two effects at once: you hide the free spaces and the missing ones balcony Flooring in the ground and make for pretty green.

The clear glass gives a feeling of freedom


The bedroom is extended by the balcony










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