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Decoration for small balconies – get inspiration & ideas

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Even if your balcony is small, it can become a great retreat in the big and noisy city. Setting up the balcony is certainly not easy due to its small size. And that’s why we have a few helpful ideas and tips to help you with Decoration for a small balcony will help.

The decoration for a small balcony – plan well beforehand

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The most important thing about the establishment and the Decoration for the small balcony is that you think carefully beforehand about what you want to use it for. Think about whether the balcony should become a retreat for relaxation and reading, whether you want to turn it into a small garden or, if you love to cook, whether you want to create an outdoor kitchen on the balcony. Depending on the purpose, you can then design the small balcony.

Having determined the main purpose, you should start thinking about what style to decorate the small balcony. It can be modern, minimalist, rustic, or beach style. You should also be clear about how much you are willing to spend. Just as important when planning is whether the balcony is completely open, whether two of the sides consist of walls or window panes, or whether it is completely glazed. It is also important to note its shape, i.e. whether it is elongated, narrow, wide or short. The goal of precise planning is that you divide the little space practically in advance so that you do not have to suffer from claustrophobia in the end.

The colors of the decoration for small balconies


The colors of the Decoration for a small balcony choose depending on what effect you want to achieve. Most prefer strong, light colors such as yellow, turquoise, purple or light blue, which are typical for summer and spread a good mood. Others who want to transform their balcony into a more intimate place and are fans of the eco-style, on the other hand, prefer earth colors, such as green or brown tones. If your balcony resembles a paradise garden, the romantic combination of the colors white and pink is best.

The establishment

Since you have little space available on a small balcony, you should choose functional furniture. If your balcony is more elongated, use a chest as a bench on which to put some cushions and decorative pillows. A deck chair on which you can relax and sunbathe is also suitable for this shape. For an even smaller balcony, choose a collapsible table that you attach to the wall or railing. You can also get two collapsible chairs to go with it. This gives you a comfortable seating area to relax in and you can quickly create space if you need more space to care for the plants. If your balcony has two walls on either side, you can use one to attach a shelf. You can then store various things on the shelf, such as books, magazines, flowers, boxes or tools.

The garden as a decoration for a small balcony


Most use the small balcony to create a pretty garden. It is important that you do not buy the flowers and plants all at once, but get them one by one. In this way you avoid filling up the balcony so much that in the end you don’t have enough space to walk past. To make the atmosphere a little more cheerful, buy as Decoration for a small balcony Flower pots in different sizes, shapes and colors, because the variety is a great part of the decor on the small balcony.

Divide the balcony differently for decorating the small balcony with plants. Use the railing for flower boxes and the ends of the clothesline for hanging flower pots. Above all, a flower stand is an advantage here, as it helps you to organize the plants. In addition to the traditional versions, you can also use an old shoe cabinet, the falling doors of which serve as shelves for the flower pots.

When choosing the flowers, pay attention to the direction in which the balcony is facing. This is also a great way to estimate how often to water your small garden.

Tips for decorating small balconies


– With the help of S-shaped hooks, you can hang colorful, metal baskets on the railing in addition to flower pots, in order to store newspapers or magazines, clothespins or garden tools.

– Think about a suitable floor covering. Granite tiles are the most popular because they are not slippery. For the eco style, green carpet, imitating lawn, is best because it goes well with the decor. A cheaper option is to simply use a colored runner. It looks more casual and feels more comfortable.

– For a more romantic one Decoration for a small balcony you can use metal lanterns for lighting.

– For more privacy, you can wrap climbing plants around the open areas of the railing or place a fabric shelf in front of it.

– If you don’t have space for a parasol on the small balcony, you can easily improvise by attaching a piece of fabric. It is best to choose a colorful one with pretty floral motifs.

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