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Creating and maintaining a pond in the garden – useful tips for hobby gardeners

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Pond in the garden is simply incomparable! It has a calming effect and makes you think for a long time. But before you can enjoy a beautiful pond in your yard, you need to design and plan it properly, according to the terrain. This is actually difficult and responsible work. When you’ve done it, it will make it easier for you to look at the world and then let your husband go back to gardening with the shovel.

Pond in the garden – what is important to know?

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First you have to choose the lake type. It doesn’t matter whether you want a very small pond from which the birds drink water, or a larger one, where you can watch your little goldfish in the summer or you want a large lake, one meter deep and over a large area in which a real lake ecosystem is restored – it all depends only on your own preferences and budget.

The pond in the garden is used for breeding fish

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If you choose the first type, all we can say is that it is a good choice! At the moment there are good prefabricated ponds on the market, in specialist shops of course – they are durable and easy to install. So, with minimal effort, you will have a small area of ​​water in your yard. However, if you want something bigger then get yourself ready for a lot of work. These lakes are professionally designed with special rubberized and UV-resistant coatings. They last for years but are quite expensive. For example, the ones with polyethylene, as long as it is placed correctly and these are covered with basic waterproofing so that they are protected from the sun – you can choose an amateur version. The hardest option is concrete.

Water pond with a waterfall 

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The second decision you need to make is about the location of your pond. There are several factors to consider here. The natural part of the lake is the lowest part of the garden. This is where rainwater and sludge are collected most. Therefore the banks should be increased slightly. It would be nice if the lake was under trees, they also protect the living things in the water from the strong summer sun. But then in the fall there is a big disadvantage – a lot of withered leaves fall straight into the water, and you absolutely need to clean it up.

Bridges give the garden a romantic touch


The best time for you, a little one Pond in the garden to build is spring. Pick a nice, warm day, make a precise plan, and go one step at a time! We have another good tip for you: Combine the pond with a waterfall or fountain, it looks wonderful! After all, you can enjoy your new garden design.

Garden design tips for beginners

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Don’t forget to arrange your pond with beautiful stones and aquatic plants, and inside, just in the middle, there can be the water lilies. The following fish are suitable for pond dwellers: carp and goldfish. Some turtle owners also want to house them in the pond for the summer. However, these animals can climb over the fence very skillfully and we flee, their co-cultivation with fish ends badly for the fish. All owners of smaller ponds must also think about how and in what condition to leave their pond over the winter. Of course, that depends a lot on your climatic conditions. Let your specialist advise you! So, are you convinced you need a little lake in your garden? Then take a pencil and make a project for your pond! The next spring is coming soon!

Provide effective lighting

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