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Create shabby chic in the garden with original furniture and decorations

shabby chic in the garden seating area-bamboo-metal-bench-side table

The shabby chic style is one of the most popular variants when it comes to designing a romantic garden with a matching terrace. In addition, this style can be wonderfully combined with the vintage, country house and rustic styles to create particularly interesting outdoor areas. We have put together some ideas to help you Shabby chic in the garden design and create a cozy and nostalgic atmosphere.

Shabby chic in the garden with lots of wood

shabby chic in the garden wooden wagon-vintage-box-narcissus-wreath-heart shape

A big advantage of the Shabby style garden is that old things can be used wonderfully for decoration and furnishings and can no longer be thrown away. In addition, these things don’t even have to be renovated or repaired. But on the contrary! The worn look of shabby chic in the garden gives the outside area the desired charm.

Shabby chic in the garden with metal buckets

shabby chic in the garden decoration-bucket-plant-petunias

Both wood and metal are suitable as materials for the shabby garden. Lacquer that peels off and makes wooden furniture and decorations look worn, or that reveals rust on metals, is particularly suitable for the shabby look. If necessary, you can imitate the worn look yourself for shabby chic in the garden by simply sanding off the paint here and there.

Vintage garden decoration

shabby chic in the garden age-chair-white-watering-can-easter decoration-nest-eggs

Shabby chic for the garden can therefore be achieved in a variety of ways. A simple, old chair can not only represent an original decoration in the garden, but also serve as a shelf for other decorations. Here an equally old watering can was used for this purpose and equipped with a nest. A great garden decoration for Easter for everyone who wants to create shabby chic in the garden!

A bike as an eye-catcher

shabby chic in the garden wheel-wooden-wagon-carriage-garden decoration-flower-tree

You can also design a tree trunk in the garden in this way. If you don’t want to plant the area around the trunk, just put up an old wheel of a wagon and add a flower pot or artificial flowers. So you get a subtle decoration for shabby chic in the garden that looks stylish.

Country-style garden with shabby accents

Shabby chic in the garden-veranda-furnishing-rocking-chair-old-bucket-bucket-wall shelf

Of course, the garden also includes the terrace or the veranda. There, too, you can add to the decoration and use beautiful vintage furniture in a well-worn look. An old stool, for example, can be used not only for sitting, but also as a low side table for decorations. You can also use the facade of the house for shabby chic in the garden.

Plant table in the garden

shabby chic in the garden idea-plant table-mirror-wood-rustic-flower box

Such a plant table is not only practical, but also serves as a facility and decoration in the garden. For shabby chic in the garden, you should use old wood again if you want to build such a table yourself. The back wall can consist of an old window, the glass of which you replace with a mirror, or you can use an old mirror, the surface of which can also be worn out.

Shabby seating areas

shabby chic in the garden wrought iron-white-rocking-chair-terrace-furnishing-table-rust

Wrought iron furniture has a very special charm. This is not new! Perhaps you still have some pieces of furniture from Omi’s collection that look anything but new. This is by no means a problem for shabby chic in the garden. Use them as they are. For example, set up a small seating area as above and combine rocking chairs made of wood and metal.

Shabby chic decoration ideas

Shabby chic in the garden seating area-privacy screen-french-doors-glass-wooden table-armchair

You can then combine the furniture with other elements such as this privacy screen, which is used as a pretty background. It consists of old, glazed doors and creates a wonderful atmosphere in the seating area. To match, old wicker armchairs and a table in a worn look were chosen for shabby chic in the garden and decorated with pretty fabrics.

Shabby chic in the garden – idea with a pitchfork


If you’ve found old tools while tidying up the garage, basement or attic, now is the time to give them a new use. A pitchfork, for example, can be hung on a wall or high fence for shabby chic in the garden and adorned with flower pots, lanterns and other decorations. To the left and right of it you can also hang a shovel and a rake or whatever else you have available.

Shelves made of wood


Shelves that you can use for shabby accents in the rustic garden are also made very simply. You can reuse old boards for this, which you can simply process into squares and rectangles of any size. You can then create a high privacy screen by attaching it offset and using it to set up flower pots for shabby chic in the garden.

Romantic decorations for shabby chic in the garden


You can also add shabby in the garden with small objects. For the vintage style, antique bird cages are very popular. If the bird cage is also worn out on the outside, it is also very suitable for shabby chic in the garden. You can plant the cage or make it livelier with other decorations. The decoration inside can also be designed according to the season or the festival and can be changed as you wish.

Shabby pergola with bench

shabby-chic-garden-pergola-seating area-bench-wooden box-coffee table

This idea for a seating area is also very suitable for creating shabby chic in the garden. An old pergola serves as a roof and is planted with climbing plants. A bench can then be placed underneath. Wooden boxes that can be used as a side table or coffee table also provide a rustic flair. Don’t forget the worn look for the furniture!

Weathered chair in the garden

shabby-chic-garden-lawn-decorate-chair-basket-straw hat-branches-wreath

Do you still have a weathered chair that is no longer suitable for sitting on? Then just use it as an eye-catcher anywhere in the garden where it can be used like a side table. Show off a particularly pretty arrangement in a flower pot or come up with something else. The color of the chair for shabby chic in the garden does not matter. Natural wood is more in the direction of rustic style, while a bright color and white represents the vintage style.

Decoration made of metal


Here you can see a nice combination of different metal objects. This includes a watering can, a planted bucket and a charming wire basket that can be used for various decorative purposes. There is also a wooden table on which these decorations stand and two wooden boxes as storage space for various items such as pots. Overall, the color green was chosen for the whole arrangement for shabby chic in the garden.

Handle pump instead of faucet


Instead of the modern faucet, you can also have a handle pump installed, which is guaranteed to be the highlight in the garden and is a great idea if you are looking for shabby chic in the garden. Alternatively, you can also use them as decoration and simply attach them to a wall. Also distribute a few buckets with flowers around it.

Shabby sink and cabinet


You can also design a shabby chic garden using an old washbasin and a matching cupboard. Whether you prefer to use wood or rusty metal for the cupboard is up to you or the fact of what you have on hand. A sink can come in very handy in the garden. So why not use this accessory for shabby chic in the garden?

Old door as a decoration


Just as doors were used as privacy screens or room dividers above, they can also provide other decorative effects. Maybe you have an unsightly spot on a fence or other less attractive area that you can cover with a vintage door. Add a flower box if you like and you have an element for shabby chic in the garden.

Decorate with doors, windows and ladders


In this garden too, doors and windows were used for design. You can also use ladders for shabby chic in the garden. These can be used as holders for flower pots and boxes, or they can be used to display other decorations. Don’t forget metal trellises, too. Especially in the patina look, these do very well for this style.

Design garden fence


A combination of different items was used to make this garden fence more interesting. In addition to baskets with flowers, there are also rusty saws and other tools, as well as a bird house. The apparently floating wooden chair, which was simply attached to the fence for shabby chic in the garden, is also an eye-catcher.

Metal and wood bench


This bench, which adorns a terrace, but could also create a seating area directly in the garden, is very attractive. It is made of both wood and metal, with both materials having a worn look. Such things for shabby chic in the garden can also be combined with more modern or colorful accessories, such as in this case with a carpet.

Rustic decorating for shabby chic in the garden


A nice arrangement for the garden can also be seen in this example. White and dark brown colors were combined for a rustic flair. Large bare areas on the facade or a privacy screen can be used wonderfully to hang up various decorations and thus create shabby chic in the garden.

Clothes hook in a worn look


Coat hooks are sure to be very useful in the garden. There you can stow your tools or work clothes and always have them ready to hand. If you also use a coat hook like this, you can create shabby chic in the garden and get a wonderful decoration. If the coat hook also has a shelf, the decoration is all the more practical!

Shabby chic style garden shed


Perhaps you also have a summer house in the garden? Then you can design this in a shabby style. Or you can build a garden house yourself using old materials. But beware! Old wood must also be checked. If this is eaten away by woodworms, there is a risk of collapse in larger structures! Otherwise, the idea is great for creating shabby chic in the garden.

Rustic seating area with shabby elements


Here you can see another variant with a wooden box that serves as a coffee table. You can decorate the worn bench with matching cushions or textiles to make it look cozier and more inviting. For shabby chic in the garden, use anything that you associate with a farm. How about an original planter? Just use an old fruit basket like the one used to harvest fruit in the past.

Shabby chic in the garden for Christmas


Even in winter and at Christmas time, you can design the outdoor area according to the style. Furniture that you have set up for shabby chic in the garden and on the terrace can easily be provided with suitable textiles. Old, worn ice skates or a sled are also a great idea and old metal buckets or watering cans can be labeled for Christmas and set up in the front yard to welcome guests.

Picnic in your own garden


Enjoy your beautifully landscaped garden and have a picnic in the middle of your lawn. Perhaps you would also like to create a romantic flower meadow with which you can also ensure vintage and shabby chic in the garden. Lie in the sun with friends, make yourself comfortable with vintage pillows and blankets, and enjoy your natural garden.