House & garden

Conservatory for living as a house extension for a bright ambience

winter garden for living dining area-wooden furniture-modern-eames-gray

The cozy “Study House” is located in England and was redesigned by an experienced team from the studio 30 Architects. Since the private house is to be used primarily for creative work and learning, it was furnished with lots of comfortable furniture. There is also a friendly atmosphere that is created by the many windows and is perfect for working. For this purpose a house extension was carried out, in which a practical winter garden was created for living. You can find out more in the form of pictures below.

Conservatory for living for indoor use

winter garden for living living room-design-modern-skylight-kitchen-brick

The furnishings in the winter garden are modern and stylish. There is a comfortable seating area with a couch, as well as a dining area with a wooden table and an interesting patchwork of different chairs, some of which are characterized by the retro style, including the trendy Eames chairs. On the whole, the furniture and decorations are rather simple-

winter garden for living kitchen-countertop-concrete-folding-doors-window front

The winter garden furniture also includes a built-in wall unit with a lowboard and shelves. Outside the winter garden you can find the kitchen, which is no less impressive. It has a wall and a kitchen island made of white brick, which gives the modern and simple interior a certain cosiness.

winter garden-living-stairs-narrow-yellow-accents-gray-wall-paint

The new extension was also used to accommodate the stairs to the second floor. This was made quite narrow in order to be able to accommodate a chamber on one side. We would also like to draw your attention to the glass roof of the winter garden, which makes a great contribution to the bright and friendly interior.

winter garden-living-art-mural-colorful-colors-side-table-stool-houseplant

There is also no lack of art objects and of course the winter garden to live in. The background for this painting, which consists of two parts, is a gray wall color, which ensures that the picture with its bright colors comes into its own. Color accents can be found again and again throughout the house. This role is mainly played by the yellow color.

winter garden-living-study-idea-desk-wall niche-shelf-yellow-chairs

A great example of this is the study, which has a yellow Eames chair and a practical stool. The structure of the room is interesting. It not only has a sloping roof, but also wall niches that are provided with shelves and thus turn into practical shelves. A large window provides sufficient light.

winter garden-living-bedroom-bed-gray-upholstery-fireplace-picture-frame-antique

There is also a stylish interior outside of the winter garden for living in the other living rooms. Another example is the bedroom with the large upholstered bed in gray. Here the walls are adorned with white paint and subtle and stylish decorations can be found here and there on the walls. Last but not least, the Eames rocking chair also ensures cosiness.

winter garden-living-bedroom-children's room-wood-floor

It is similar with the children’s room. As in almost all rooms, there is a wooden floor. This is also designed with a sheepskin, which offers the perfect surface for playing. A fireplace is also available in this room. The curved wall gives the room an interesting structure and various accessories add color.

winter garden-living-bathroom-design-monochrome-mosaic-gray-bathtub

A neutral design can be found in the bathroom. Except for the ceiling, it consists entirely of gray mosaic tiles. A bathtub was built into the niche, which can also be used as a shower thanks to the shower curtain. Also noticeable is the large window, which in most of the bathrooms is either quite small or completely absent.

Conservatory for living – the garden and outside area

winter garden-living-terrace-garden-wooden floor-planting-privacy protection

You can also learn, work or relax wonderfully in the small garden and on the terrace, which is located directly in front of the winter garden for living. For this reason, you also get a wonderful view of the outside from the living area. The terrace is simple and designed with weathered wood and the garden is quite lush.

winter garden-living-garden-arbor. tree house-playground-children-swing

There is also a small play area for the child in the garden. This area is also equipped with a blue rattan swing. The artificial turf, on the other hand, is easy to care for and wonderfully suitable for children to play with. The swing is great for relaxing or reading and you can enjoy the beautiful weather and the natural-looking garden.

winter garden-living-england-facade-brick-window-stairs-front garden

Here you can see the facade with the entrance area. The house is an old building in a brick terraced house. Like the garden in the backyard, the small front garden is nicely designed with plants and not only welcomes visitors, but also pleases the eyes of walkers and other passers-by.

Design by Studio 30 Architects.