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Common problems with the plants and what to do about them

Problems with potted plants solutions hobby gardeners tips

Even the most experienced gardener cannot always protect his garden from pests and every now and then makes small mistakes that seriously affect the health of the flowers. Here are a few Problems with the plants, common in the garden and tips on what to do about them.

Problems with the plants and how to solve them – yellow leaves

solutions to common problems with the plants-yellow leaves

This is one of the most common problems in the garden. They happen when you’ve gone overboard with watering, when the temperature isn’t right, or when the plants aren’t getting enough nitrogen. To solve the problem, reduce the amount of water and fertilize the plants with fertilizers that contain nitrogen. Observe the plants for a few days and change their location if necessary.

The tips of the leaves turn brown

Orchid pointed leaves brown caused by lack of moisture

This problem is caused by lack of moisture. Usually this is a sign that not enough water is getting to the roots. The best way to solve this problem is to water the plant more regularly and more often.

Problems with the plants – rotten flowers

rotten flowers Tips-gardening at home-creating conditions

This happens when the gardener does not create the right conditions that the plant needs. The reasons can be different: unsuitable location of the plant, excessive watering, unsuitable soil mix. The best way to get a grip on this problem is to find out what conditions the plant is most comfortable in and try to ensure those conditions are met.

Damage to the root system

Damaged root system bottom of the plants problems solutions

Most of the time, that’s why your plant isn’t growing or developing. The solution is to remove the damaged, diseased parts with a clean, sharp knife, douse the new roots with ashes from charcoal, and repot the plant in a new pot of fresh soil.

Problems with the plants – sunburn on the leaves

The problems of pot plants eliminate sunburn on petals

You can recognize it by the strange spots that form on the leaves of the plant. They occur when you place the plant in direct sunlight, which is not good for the plant in question, or when you sprayed the leaves with water while they were heated by the sun. To solve this problem, move the plant to a bright place out of direct sunlight.

Solutions to common problems with plants – Spider mite infestation

Plants common problems with insect infestation

In other words: tiny insects that appear on the plant and weave small spider webs. To get rid of them, regularly rinse the plant with cold water and spray it with water more often. Usually these parasites appear when the air around the plant is dry.