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Build your own round gabion raised bed – 20 ideas and tips

Gabions raised bed-build-round-yourself-lawn-garden-spiral-pond-fountain

Gabions are gaining in popularity, as they can in principle be combined as desired and offer a good alternative to traditional solid masonry. A major advantage is the flexible, relatively inexpensive system and the possibility Gabion raised bed, Build your own seat, fence or wall. A small or large, straight or curved construction can easily be implemented according to your own ideas.

Build gabion raised beds yourself – choose a round or curved shape

Gabions raised bed -round-build-yourself-limestone-garden-path-white-pebbles

Gabions basically consist of robust, corrosion-resistant metal grids, which are filled with rubble stones or pebbles. These baskets can be of different sizes and are arranged according to the building block principle. They are used in road construction and landscaping to secure slopes, but are equally suitable for decorative, visually appealing and modern garden design.

Build a round gabion raised bed yourself – instructions

Gabions raised bed -round-build-yourself-instructions-create-odor-stones-planter

You can easily create gabion raised beds yourself and plant them later if you don’t overlook some tips. It can be set up on compacted or natural ground, the walls can be filled with stones and then the inside can be filled with plant substrate.

Get useful materials – planter, metal mesh, rubble stones

Gabion raised bed -round-build-yourself-instructions-flower-container-metal grid

Smaller raised beds are ideal for placing anywhere in the garden, set accents and are easier to make yourself. Our tip: opt for a small variant for the first attempt. For example, a raised bed with a height of 50 centimeters requires a wall thickness of 10 centimeters. A foundation is not required, but the subsurface should be stable. It is advisable to attach a rabbit wire to the ground in order to suppress the intrusion of pests.

Select the metal grille according to the size of the quarry stone

Gabions raised bed-build-round-do-it-yourself-instructions-flower-container-metal-grid-fill up

The hardest work in creating raised bed gabions, as with other stone building methods, is sourcing materials and transporting them. In the meantime, there is a delivery against a surcharge when shopping. You choose the type and grain size of the stones according to their size. In our example, a grid with a mesh size of 5X5 cm will do just fine. In this case, we recommend using pebbles or decorative river stones as filling material, which are great eye-catchers.

Build your own gabion raised bed and decorate it with decorative moss


This type of raised bed is more likely to be used as an embellishing panel for round raised beds. To get a really round shape, a bucket of the right size or a concrete ring would work particularly well. If none is used, weed fleece or special sheeting should be placed on the inner wall.

Lay out plants and arrange them nicely


An advantage for the plants in the gabion raised bed is the additional storage of heat. Why should you choose suitable plant species that are more drought tolerant.

Select suitable grids and quarry stones


An important point is to choose the right type of wire. Thickness and grille depend on the overall size of the construction. For larger systems, there is a need for static fastening. The mesh size should be large enough to ensure ventilation and yet the filling must not fail.

Adapt rounded parts for gabion raised bed to the property

gabions-raised-bed-round-build-yourself-edging-garden-metal-grid-building blocks

Gabions should not be designed to be rectangular and chunky. With the help of the flexibly malleable baskets, raised beds can be designed with a variety of shapes. It is important to note the average thickness, which should be between 20 and 30 centimeters. (The exact dimensions for larger systems should be statically calculated by experts.)

The metal grid construction of the gabions is particularly flexible


Before the gabions are filled, their baskets are shaped according to the area of ​​application. The resulting figures can be used as building blocks in the outdoor area and thus create different shapes. Straight or winding lines, rectangles, triangles or vaults – let your imagination unfold.

Create arched, imaginative shapes with gabion raised beds 


The unfilled baskets are light and can be created on site – placed and filled yourself. The filling material can be freely selected and this creates different effects. Gabions give you real freedom in the modern design of the outdoor area.

Gabions – building blocks with a wide range of outdoor uses

gabion-raised-bed-round-build-yourself-bench-fence-privacy-protection-bamboo-dwarf palm

It is difficult to achieve a really stable construction, in particular to hold the gabion walls firmly together. Various systems are also available for this purpose – wire, screws or clamps. The raised beds gabions do not carry as much load as these for securing slopes, which is why they are easier to set up.

Gabions offer numerous design options in the garden

gabions-raised-bed-round-build-yourself-garden-edging-metal-lattice-building blocks

When it comes to filling material, you can choose from a wide range of optics and thus set accents in garden design. In order to give a personal touch, the stones are filled differently or arranged according to size and shape.

Gabion raised bed – build and create a spiral yourself

gabion-raised-bed-round-build-yourself-spiral-herb garden-mulch-plants

A small herb garden can be fulfilled, despite the limited space. Raised bed in the shape of a spiral saves a lot of space and provides a clear overall picture and serves as a decorative eye catcher. The herbs and spices are planted in stages and therefore take up less space.

Metal grid construction for raised bed spiral


The spiral construction appears to be complicated – with this raised bed the thickness of the gabion walls is additionally fixed in order to ensure a stable stand. These elements are best fastened underground and positioned at the same distance.

Fill raised bed gabions with stones – a variety of stone types can be selected


Gabion raised beds have advantages and disadvantages, which we will briefly outline.


  • easy construction
  • stable construction
  • individual shapes possible
  • different optics
  • long shelf life


  • difficult procurement
  • Gabion walls must have a minimum thickness of 10 centimeters

Create a small herb garden with an imaginative shape

gabions-raised-bed-round-build-yourself-spiral-herb garden-fresh

Building gabion raised beds yourself is particularly worthwhile for smaller areas and to set modern accents in the garden. The playful shapes, which could easily be realized, provide some eye-catching and individual radiance.

Spral-shaped plant bed – different materials optional


The gabion baskets are always filled with fine material from bottom to top, if different types are available. In principle, the type of stone is chosen at will – rubble stones, gravel, crushed stone, natural stones, lava stones, boulders, paving stones, bricks, broken glass, steel or even wood. It is important to choose the grid according to the filling.

Gabion raised bed round and square at the same time – hexagonal shape


Gabion constructions can be used to create different shapes that are different outside and inside. For example, a rectangular raised bed is oval shaped and planted in the inner part, or hexagonal gabions with a round pond inside. The result is a beautiful and modern overall picture that impresses with its playful design.

Tree in a container made of gabions

gabion-raised-bed-round-build-yourself-tree-river stones-decorative-white

A tree in a bucket is a real eye-catcher, especially if it is attractively designed. The stone structure of the gabions has an interesting optical effect and at the same time appears natural. In addition, a raised bed like this could be adapted according to your own wishes and ideas.

Exotic tree in the round gabion raised bed


The exotic tree and plant species include locations and vessels that keep them present and at the same time suit the garden design properly. Design some yourself using gabions!