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Build garden lighting yourself: 15 simple instructions for decorative garden lights

Functional and decorative at the same time: garden lights have long since ceased to serve only for orientation, but also create exciting lighting effects. We will show you ideas on how you can build garden lighting yourself. From concrete garden lights to solar garden lighting to decorative chandeliers with candles: Anyone can implement these ideas with a little skill. And best of all: the ideas can be copied for little money.

Build garden lighting yourself: garden lights made of concrete

Make garden lights out of concrete yourself Instructions

Concrete garden lights add a minimalist touch to the outdoors. The majority of the designs fascinate with clear lines and a puristic design language. These concrete lamps are perfect as accent lighting and can spice up empty corners in the garden. During the day they look very decorative, in the evening they exude soft indirect light and automatically attract attention.

Make garden lights out of concrete yourself Instructions for LED DIY garden lighting

If you have decided on sculptural garden lights made of concrete, then the first thing you should do is build a casting mold. Cut several OSB panels to size and use them to create the shape. In addition, build a construction from plastic pipes and a garden hose. They make it easier to lay power cables later. Simply first mix the concrete in a plastic bucket with a trowel, then slowly pour it into the mold. Level the surface and allow the material to harden. At the end, carefully remove the concrete and remove the hoses. Mount two LED recessed ceiling spotlights and the lighting is ready. Due to the heavy weight of the garden lamp, you should pour the concrete directly on the site.

Make garden lights out of concrete yourself: DIY idea for path lighting

Make your own LED garden light out of concrete Instructions

If you are making DIY garden lighting out of concrete for the first time, you can start with a simpler project. Simply first position a metal pipe with a diameter of 3 cm in the middle of an empty can, then pour the concrete into the can. Make sure that the concrete does not get into the metal pipe. Let the material harden, then cut the can with secateurs and carefully loosen the column. Guide the cable through the metal tube and mount an LED light on top. If you make several such garden lamps out of concrete yourself, you can use them to build path lighting yourself. The lights are also ideal for the terrace, stairwell or poorly visible areas such as the garden pond or the pergola in the garden. Since they emit their light from a height of 20 cm, they will not dazzle you.

Make a decorative garden lamp yourself

Build your own outdoor lamp Instructions for decorative garden lighting in the flowerbed

On the terrace, around the garden pond, next to the railings or on steps and stairs: the lighting in the garden should be designed as functional and practical as possible. However, there are lights that can also serve as decoration. They effectively put flower beds, plants and a number of garden decorations in the limelight and create an inviting ambience even after sunset. In the following we explain how you can make decorative garden lamps yourself.

Build your own outdoor lamp step by step instructions

If you make a decorative lamp for the garden yourself, you can use it to highlight particularly beautiful ground covers and flowers. The decorative lights made of colored glass can also be staged as soloists and cut a good figure both in the evening and during the day. There are no limits to your own creativity. In the following we explain how you can conjure up an effective garden decoration from a solar stick in a vintage look. Here are the necessary materials at a glance:

  • Solar stick with glass ball
  • Old faucet with a brass look
  • Line pipe or water connection
  • hot glue

Build your own outdoor lamp Instructions for decorative outdoor lights made of colored glass

Glue the rod to the water connection. Then attach the faucet and the glass ball. Run the cord through the faucet, water connector, and wand. Place the outdoor lamp in a sunny spot in the garden.

Build solar garden lighting yourself

Build solar lighting in the garden around the garden path yourself

On the way to the pergola, the pool or the terrace, solar lights provide orientation and illuminate steps, stairs or obstacles. Of course, numerous variants are available in stores. With a little skill you can build the solar powered outdoor lamp yourself. We’ll explain how to do it.

1. Saw approximately 60 cm long pieces from a square pine bar. Make the wood weatherproof by applying a protective varnish.

2. Drill a hole in the middle and fix a PVC pipe there.

3. Then insert the light unit.

Build path lighting yourself Mount solar lamps on a wooden platform

After you have built the outdoor lighting yourself, you can place it practically anywhere in the garden. They don’t need a power connection, which is why they offer a flexible solution for larger outdoor areas. They are even suitable for use in the winter garden or in front of the gazebo or the bicycle garage. All the more so: the solar lights can be adjusted as required. So if you are planning to remodel the garden, for example, then you don’t have to worry about lighting. It is also super practical if you opt for solar lights with motion detectors or remote control. In this way, the garden lighting can be controlled easily and you can illuminate individual zones as you like and need.

Homemade garden lighting Instructions for garden lamps with LED candles and tree branches

Alternatively, you can also build an outdoor lamp yourself from tree branches. To do this, simply hang a wire mesh lantern on a tree branch. This outdoor lighting for your garden adds a rustic touch to the outside area. However, you should never leave such a homemade lamp unsupervised. In strong winds it can tip over and there is a risk of fire. When buying, you should also make sure that the luminaire has a protection class of IP 67 or higher. When installing a hanging light source, you should also make sure that the light does not disturb the neighbors, for example because it is placed directly under their window.

Garden lighting with candles: wind light for the garden table

Make DIY garden lighting yourself, arrange candles in lanterns with flowers

The garden lighting with candles creates a relaxed atmosphere. Lanterns create a beautiful play of light and shadow and bring a touch of romance to the garden. If you arrange them with seasonal flowers, then you have made an effective table decoration for indoors and outdoors.

Garden light candle planting plant pot

All you need is a slightly larger and shallow flower pot. Place a smaller flower pot in its center and fill it with sand, river stones, or gravel. Then place the lantern in it. Fill the large tubs with potting soil and plant seasonal ground cover. Combine ornamental foliage plants with low flowers for the best effect.

Tinker garden lights yourself

Make garden lights yourself lighting in glasses for the table and terrace

Another idea for lighting for the garden table is this one. In the following we explain how you can make garden lights yourself. Here are the necessary materials at a glance:

1. Battery operated fairy lights. Only waterproof and specially marked models are suitable for outdoor use.

2. Jam jars with lids. You need several jam jars with closable lids. Cut out the lid to attach the battery box.

Drape the fairy lights in the jam jars and display them on the garden table.

Make your own garden lights and place them under a bell jar

Alternatively, you can arrange a string of lights with small diodes under a glass hood. This accent lighting can be perfectly staged with vintage bells or teapots and cups and creates exciting lighting effects on the table. So nothing stands in the way of romantic evenings for two. And the illuminated bell jar cuts a fine figure even in winter.

Make chandeliers for the garden yourself

Make your own candle chandelier in the garden from an old wooden wheel and jam jars

Bollard lights offer large-area, non-dazzling lighting and solar lamps perfectly illuminate corners and niches. But when it comes to decorative accent lighting, you should opt for a candle chandelier for the garden and outdoor area. You only need a covered terrace or a gazebo to hang the garden lighting there. And chandeliers have long been considered to be true mood makers, adding a touch of luxury and opulence to the seating area. If you want to make a chandelier for the garden yourself, then the next DIY idea is for you. Hang several jam jars on a wooden wheel and place a candle (or LED candle) in each jam jar. Decorate the chandelier with chains with rhinestones or crystals.

Build garden lighting yourself: make chandeliers out of natural materials

Make your own candle chandelier in the garden from an old wooden wheel and jam jars

Optionally, you can wrap fresh tree branches around a wreath of vines and hang several small lanterns at different heights on them. This chandelier will bathe the outdoor dining area in a soft, warm light, create interesting light effects and provide more cosiness. Make sure, however, that you never leave the candles unattended. Always have a fire extinguisher within reach and never extinguish burning lanterns with water. Because the candles in the lanterns and tea lights contain paraffin, an easily inflammable material that cannot be extinguished with water.

Make your own chandelier in the garden with a ladder and candles

Old wooden ladders are also ideal for hanging lanterns, jam jars and other light sources. They are perfect for a long garden table and allow you to plan the lighting according to your own needs. In addition, you can also hang other decorative objects such as snowflakes or stars made of metal.

Home-made garden lighting: the most important things at a glance

Make your own hanging garden lighting Instructions for rustic chandeliers

Even if you have no experience, you can build the garden lighting yourself. There are numerous instructions and DIY ideas for path and patio lighting. Above all, it is important that you adhere to certain rules. Make sure that the lights for the garden path and the stairwell do not dazzle. Therefore, choose bollard lights that cast the light on the ground instead of floor lights that direct the light upwards. You can put a concrete lamp in windy places in the garden. Otherwise, the lamps are on a wooden pole. For the outdoor seating area, there are also lanterns that can be staged with seasonal flowers on the table. Chandeliers also create a cozy atmosphere in the evening. However, since there is always a risk of fire, we advise you to opt for LED candles. And solar lights are ideal for niches and corners in the garden.