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Build a garbage can box yourself – cheap ideas for a nicer garden

Build a garbage can box yourself 4-hinge-doors - privacy fence-gravel-beds

You probably know the problem that your garden looks nice and well-kept, because you have invested so much time and effort in it, but then you look at the unsightly garbage cans that disturb the harmony in the garden. If you don’t have space for the garbage cans in the garage or in the shed, you can simply come up with another way to hide the garbage cans. Trash can boxes are a great option. They are available to buy, but today we’re going to show you how to get one Build garbage can box yourself and that way you can save a lot of money.

Build your own garbage can box out of wood

Build garbage can box yourself foundation-semicircle-gravel-slabs-privacy-screen-fence-trellis

Building the garbage can box yourself is cheap. If you want to build a garbage can box yourself cheaply, wood is probably the best material. However, it must be remembered that the wood must be cared for in order to be able to last a long time. But no matter what material you use, the end product will definitely be cheaper than a similar one that you buy ready-made.

Build a garbage can box yourself – ideas to imitate

Build a garbage can box yourself open-design-wood-easy-diy-project

It is best to leave some open spaces during construction so that the air can also circulate inside the garbage can box and unpleasant smells can be reduced. If you want to build an open garbage can box yourself, you can do this in a variety of ways. For example, you can design doors that do not reach the roof of the garbage can house if you build the garbage can box yourself.

Let the air circulate

garbage can-box-build-yourself-wooden-slats-sloping-roof-rain-protection

Alternatively, such a variant is also suitable if you want to build an open garbage can box yourself, in which the entire box is made of wooden boards, each of which is spaced apart. This creates small gaps and the air can circulate wonderfully again. In addition, this model also has a higher and sloping roof, which additionally supports the open design.

Floor-level box

garbage can-box-build-yourself-storage-space-garbage-house-protective-roof-planter-boxwood

So that you can easily pull the bins out of the box and push them back in again, it is recommended that you build a garbage can box yourself that is as flush to the floor as possible. On the other hand, a raised design is also recommended, because this allows moisture to run off better and does not collect under the box and then damage the wood.

Raise the box a little or build a ramp

garbage can-box-build-yourself-blue-scandinavian-style-make-shed-terrace

So if you prefer to build raised garbage can boxes yourself, you should either choose a variant that is as low as possible. In the example above, simple wooden strips are used to lift the box. But you can also attach a small ramp made of concrete or wood, which makes it easier to drive out and stow the bin with the help of the wheels and makes lifting unnecessary.

Build a wooden garbage can box yourself

Build a garbage can box yourself simple-idea-frame-scaffolding-diy

For sleek and simple models like this, you don’t even need assembly instructions for the trash can box. Even beginners will have no problems implementing such a model. All you need is a few wooden strips and boards, which you assemble together as shown. After you build the wooden frame yourself, add a door with hinges and a lid.

Garbage can housing made of wood

Build garbage can box yourself wall cladding-natural stone-facade-house-garden

The thicker the wood, the more stable the box will be. You also don’t have to add a floor if you build a trash can box yourself. A wooden strip in the back and, if necessary, in the front is sufficient for a small model to protect the box from warping. You can build a door from wooden boards quickly and easily as follows:

Build the lid and door yourself

Build garbage can box yourself small-model-craftsman-hobby-gardener

Place the boards on the floor and measure the desired distance between the boards. The door extends from the bottom to the top of your wooden frame. Now screw on a strip to the right and left, as well as a diagonal to fasten the boards together. Make sure that nothing slips when you build the door for the garbage can box yourself.

Build trash can box yourself

Build a garbage can box yourself 3-ton building instructions - easy

In this way, you can then use several of the boxes to build a trash can box for 3 tons yourself. Since a household usually has at least one bin for paper, one for residual waste and yellow bags for plastics, larger boxes may be required. You may also collect glass in a barrel and thus need a fourth. You should consider and plan this before you build the garbage can box yourself.

The lid for the box

Build a garbage can box yourself lid-chain-comfort-outdoor-storage space

Not only the door is necessary if you build the garbage can box yourself. A lid is also very useful because it makes it easier to throw away rubbish. You don’t have to drive the whole bin out of the box every time. You should also attach the lid of the bin to the lid of the box with a chain so that both lids can be opened at the same time.

Build garbage boxes yourself with folding doors

Build garbage can box yourself small-bins-modern-folding-doors-gray-wood

If you want to build an original rubbish bin box yourself, you can also design such appealing folding doors instead of simple doors. This is particularly useful when the box is a little longer and can accommodate more than two tons. Sliding doors are also very suitable, especially in larger garbage houses. However, the choice depends on how much you want to invest.

Build your own garbage can box out of metal

Build your own garbage can box metal-steel-minimalist-wooden-slatted-door

In addition to wood, other materials are also suitable for building a garbage can box. For example, you can build a garbage can box yourself out of stainless steel. The metal box becomes particularly beautiful when you combine it with wooden doors, as in the picture above. So you can build a minimalist metal garbage can box yourself, which becomes an eye-catcher in the outdoor area.

Build your own PVC garbage can box

Build garbage can box yourself pvc-plastic-cheap-garden design

PVC is also a great option if you want to buy a ready-made trash can box. The material is weatherproof and will last for many years without special care. Plastic is also easy to clean. Above you can also see another great idea for a ramp that will make it easier to push the barrels into the box. If you would like to build a plastic garbage can box yourself, look around for suitable elements in the hardware store.

Make a garbage can box yourself for two tons


This large garbage house has quite large doors, which can be quite annoying for some, even if you don’t actually stay open for long. Alternatively, as already mentioned, you can design folding doors instead or provide each half with two doors on the left and right if you build the garbage can box yourself in order to save space. The rounded lid is also worth mentioning.

Design a sloping lid

garbage can-box-build-yourself-lid-doors-garden-accessories-diy

If the garbage can box is not under a canopy without any other protection, but directly in the rain, we recommend a roof or lid that is designed at an angle if you build the garbage can box yourself. In this way, the water can run off without problems and does not become saturated with moisture, which over time would ruin the material.

Bitumen shingle for the roof

Garbage can-box-build-yourself-hinges-garbage-house-ideas - garden design

Also, consider investing in some bitumen shingles to protect the lid from the sun and moisture. This material was also chosen for this garbage house. The roof is also designed wider than the outline of the house and thus also protects the side walls. The bin has no lid. But it was built higher to allow enough space to open the garbage can lid in the box itself.

Boxes for five tons

garbage can-box-build-yourself-wall-niche-diy-idea-lid-wooden boards

These boxes were designed quite inconspicuously. They are also close to the road, i.e. at the end of the property, which conveniently shortens the way. You can create such a niche with the wall, in which you then place the bins after you have built a garbage can box yourself. Conveniently, the lids are fitted with gas springs like cars, which means they can stand upright.

Box for garbage cans with a planted roof

garbage can-box-build-yourself-wood-lamellas-plant-roof-easy

You can adapt the box even better to your garden by greening the roof. For this purpose, design a box that you fill with soil and then design with plants of your choice. If this roof is not too high, you also get a practical raised bed in this way, in which it is particularly easy to work. A nice idea that is worth considering if you want to build a garbage can box yourself.

Build a 4-bin bin box yourself

Build your own garbage can-box-recycling-plastic-paper-roof-greening-climbing plants

This model is also green. There are different ways to design a planted box. You can also build a garbage can box with a planter yourself. If you only have a large bin and collect the remaining waste in smaller bins, this original model is suitable for building your own garbage can box, which has one half for the bin and a shelf in the other half.

Build with a lid or a closed roof?

garbage can-box-build-yourself-slats-idea-rounded-roof-practically-built

This garbage can roofing is without a doubt particularly likeable due to the rounded design. However, this is also a roof that cannot be opened like a lid. To what extent this is suitable for you is up to you to decide. Think about what would be the most practical variant for your garden and your number of tons.

Build garbage house yourself

garbage can-box-build-your-front-yard-decorate-bed-trees-tiles

Design the garbage can box so that it suits your taste and even beautifies the garden. This is a great advantage, especially on plots where the garden is on the street, in order to ensure aesthetics. If you build the garbage can box yourself or build a larger garbage can house yourself, you can choose a design that adapts to that of the house.

Rubbish bin box and shed in one

Build-it-yourself-build-a-large-shed-garden-tool-bin-stow away

How about killing two birds with one stone with the garbage can house? Sounds interesting doesn’t it? You can build the garbage can box yourself so that you can also use it as a shed at the same time. Simply design one half for the bin and equip the other with shelves and hooks to store tools in.

Build a garbage can box yourself and use niches


Any kind of niche in the house or other structures in the garden is suitable for installing a garbage can box in it and thus using the free and rather impractical space. So if you have a certain area in the garden that you don’t really know what to do with, it may become the perfect area for building a garbage can box yourself.

Build a garbage can box yourself – instructions for an open design

garbage can-box-build-yourself-instructions-cladding-beginner-easy

It is even faster and easier if you build a garbage can cladding yourself that is open on one side. You can also use these assembly instructions to build a garbage can box yourself to build a whole box. Just replace the long wall with doors, close the cladding on the third side as well and possibly add a roof.

Practical ideas

garbage can-box-build-ideas-wood-house-number-gravel-flooring

Proof that the garbage can box can be perfectly integrated into the garden is also the example in the first photo above. The box is located in the front yard, has a modern design and the house number was also attached to it. The example below shows a model with a lid and the one next to it a variant without a lid. All models that you can consider if you want to build a garbage can box yourself.

Flower box on the box

garbage can-box-build-yourself-raised-bed-combine-flowers-plant-roof

Here is another example of how you can use the garbage can box to green the garden. If your model does not have a lid, but only a cover, place any boxes with flowers on it or build a suitable box with the respective dimensions. If you design the side walls with a grid made of wooden strips, you can also let low climbing plants grow up on them.

Build your own garbage can box with an open design

Garbage can-box-build-yourself-open-protective-roof-roofing-pallets-floor-permeable

If designing doors is too complex for you or you simply don’t think you need them, you can create an open design like this one. It has a roof and a floor made of pallets so that the bins do not stand directly on the floor. Here, too, tons of other garden tools and objects can be stowed away. So think in advance how much space you will need and for what purpose, before you build the garbage can box yourself.