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An artistic garden design that delights with surprises

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Mike Osterling and Ron Alessandrini worked on their Washington garden in Woodinville for 10 years. Now where the artistic garden design finally finished, she starts to attract people’s attention. And the owners couldn’t be more proud and happy with their design concept. The garden as well as the house are a reflection of their character, of themselves. It was once the eyesore of the neighborhood, a piece of land about to be demolished that now resembles a park and took 300 guests in for the annual garden party. When Mike Osterling and Ron Alessandrini, who have no experience in landscaping, started gardening, they left everything they knew about gardening aside and focused on creating a landscape that would both surprise and delight.

Ideas for garden design that shape individuality

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The house itself won an architecture award in 1965. However, it became dilapidated over time. Now that it has been fully renovated, it contains over 275 art pieces, ranging from local artists to Picasso. “Every wall is covered, a friend even jokes that we even have art in our carport,” laughs Osterling. At a recent garden party, Mike Osterling and Ron Alessandrini took part of their collection outside in the garden and displayed it on easels.

And although the pictures are now safely stowed back in the house, the garden serves as an art gallery. Sculptures, art facilities specially designed for them and impressive antiques adorn many parts of the garden. In addition to this, Osterling and Alessandrini used for the artistic garden design a technique they call architectural gardening. “We experimented with a couple of pots that we added to the garden beds to add height, structure and color,” they explain. People liked it so much that there are now over 100 containers among the plants. Some of them are planted, some are empty, others are decorated with bamboo sticks. Something new and creative can be found on every corner that should surprise visitors.

Various art facilities for artistic garden design

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An art facility for which the couple hired a local artist turns out to be particularly delightful for them artistic garden design out. It consists of three red steel cubes that stand on posts, the tallest cube being over 6 meters high. “A short time after the cubes were set up, we were outside in the garden and heard an unusual noise that sounded like a gong. It turned out that this was the steel that was expanding and contracting due to changes in the weather, ”explains Alessandrini. When the artist found out about this, he offered to drill holes in the cubes to counteract this effect. Mike Osterling and Ron Alessandrini declined, however. They liked this unpredictable sound and the effect it had on visitors to the garden.

Peaceful atmosphere in the garden

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the artistic garden design with her diverse mix of different styles also has an Asian influence. “We travel to Asia a lot because of my work and have brought sculptures and handmade clay pots with us,” says Alessandrini. The overall atmosphere in the garden is peaceful and serene, which is typical of gardens in the east. Elements from Feng Shui were also used to design the garden. “There are no straight lines, it’s about wandering through the garden and discovering it.”

Creating a garden with a sense of aesthetics and design

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For Osterling and Alessandrini is hers artistic garden design a result of love. “It is impossible for us to leave without returning with a bunch of new plants, a new feat or a flower pot,” says Osterling. The nearly one-acre property has no irrigation system, and watering by hand can sometimes take four hours. But Alessandrini likes it that way. “This way we are always clear about the condition of the flowers and plants and it leads to a strong, personal connection with the garden.”

Garden design with an Asian influence

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The biggest surprise for Mike Osterling and Ron Alessandrini was how much so were others theirs artistic garden design liked. “Over the past year, people have become more interested in our garden, we even got a request from a person in North Carolina to see our garden,” they say. There are days when when you get home you will find a friend reading a book in your garden or a message asking for a tour. “When we started designing the garden, we had a cozy area in mind, nothing too formal, and it seems we’ve achieved just that.” Next year, Mike Osterling and Ron Alessandrini want their annual garden party to be a fundraiser for local organizations that they support, do.

Together they renovated this property in a way that they themselves hardly believed when they moved in 10 years ago. And with such passionate gardeners, there are bound to be many more surprises for them artistic garden design give.

An artistic garden design – pots set accents

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