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A striking acrylic desk for the home office


When it comes to furniture for the office, nothing can be more neat than acrylic. Transparent desks for the home office in particular are in great demand, partly because their icy look makes them look luxurious in the room, as well as the neat appearance they offer.

An acrylic desk for the home office

desk-acrylic-transparent-swivel-chair-workplace-light-patio doors

In addition, the transparent acrylic furniture creates the illusion that it takes up little or even no space, which makes the room appear larger. Not to mention, the quality motivates one Acrylic desk, that you can look through it, the owners help to keep it tidy, especially if the desk also has drawers.


An acrylic desk or a girlish make-up table


Acrylic desk becomes a dressing table


Today we have a couple of examples of one Acrylic desk for her. There are pieces that are completely transparent, as well as lacquered desk tops with acrylic table legs, so that you can expect a variety of variants. Regardless of whether you are looking for a solid desk in which you can stow a lot, or are looking for a more delicate table that can also serve as a work area, you will definitely find a suitable variant made of acrylic to draw inspiration from.

What looks better – a table or desk made of acrylic

Acrylic desk design home idea

To start with, we have a simple but still chic one Acrylic desk, made from four separate pieces that slide into each other. This acrylic office furniture can be adjusted to fit the size of your room. (from Penny Farthing Design House)

Peekaboo console desk home wall chair

An acrylic console table is ideal as a desk for a thin, compact office statement. The Peekaboo Clear Console consists of a simple, curved shape that offers enough space for a laptop and a desk lamp. (from CB2)

Peekaboo console desk idea chair design

Another photo from the Peekaboo Clear Console. You can see the advantage of combining wall shelves with a desk area as an office.


For many pieces of acrylic, like the Lawrence desk below, acrylic is combined with glass for a sturdy, crystalline effect. The glass desk and storage box are sold individually. (by HStudio)

Atlas dining table acrylic chair transparent

Another way to combine glass and acrylic is when you use a dining table as a spacious desk. The Atlas dining table ensures pure elegance in the office. (from Acrylics of Naples)

Allan Knight Acrylic Table House Design

The Apollo dining table / Acrylic desk below consists of acrylic column feet that are sold in pairs. The glass plate has to be bought separately. (by Allan Knight)


If you’re looking for an opaque statement with just a little bit of transparency, then this is the Lobeira Acrylic desk maybe something suitable for you below. It consists of striped wood and a black granite top. The acrylic legs make the table particularly interesting. (by Allan Knight)


The Three Palm is a variant that consists of lacquer as well as glass and acrylic Acrylic desk a great choice. It offers a glossy surface that rivals the appeal of acrylic legs. (by Allan Knight)

An acrylic desk by Alexandra von Fürstenberg

Brillant Acrylic table console design house

Now it’s getting a lot more colorful. The acrylic furniture by the designer Alexandra von Fürstenberg is known for its accents of neon colors and their geometric shapes. One example of this is the Brilliant acrylic console table with its lemon-yellow and lime-green edges. The table is also ideal as a Acrylic desk, which will clearly highlight the office with its modern forms. (from Katiedid)


The Luminous Acrylic desk Von von Fürstenberg is just as impressive with its fiery red and pink accents and a design inspired by a car’s grille. If you are not a fan of transparent furniture, you can also choose this table in opaque black, white or matt nuances such as smoke or bronze.


Another great piece with neon details is the Ice acrylic dining table. Don’t be fooled by its function as a dining table, because it works just as well as a Acrylic desk and can also be used as a console table. The legs of this table are also available in blue, pink or red.

Acrylic furniture for the bedroom


Lucite is the brand name of the first acrylic, first manufactured by DuPont Chemical Company in the 1930s. All lucite pieces are made of acrylic, but not all acrylic pieces are called lucite. Other brand names for acrylic are Plexiglas and Perspex. Lucite was initially used to make war materials in the 1940s, but its appearance was later noticed by fashion and furniture designers as well.

The Lucite desk below combines the beauty of acrylic legs with the sheen of a lacquered tabletop. (from Tarnish & Tinsel)


There’s a Lucite in interior designer Amanda Nisbet’s office Acrylic desk from Plexi-Craft the focus without stealing the view of the colorful wall art. (from Lonny)

Lucite – acrylic desk


The next Lucite desk is also from Plexi-Craft and illustrates the versatility of the company. Consisting of a combination of traditional and modern styles, it can be configured to suit the owner’s wishes. In the example photo it is used as a dressing table. (from Sketch 42)


The next example of a Lucite table is actually a console table, but think of it as a Acrylic desk before. A soft yet chic office chair can provide a contrast as well as comfort. (from M. Design Interiors Inc.)

Glass-and-Lucite design desk

In this case, too, the robust power of the glass ensures the essentials for you Acrylic desk. This piece consists of Lucite legs and a glass tabletop. (from via Decorpad)

Lucite and glass desk house design

If the glass plate is extra thick, a glamorous effect is achieved, especially if an interesting, geometric frame as the feet are part of the design. (from Modern 24/7)

Lucite and glass desks


The next example from Lucite opens up a magical vintage look, in that the glass and acrylic from the 70s with dark edges were combined for a chic retro look. (by Janel Holiday Design)

Regarding the Acrylic desk there are no rules for size or style. Choose a piece of furniture that suits your wants and needs. If the room is a bit smaller, consider a console table as a desk. If space is not a problem, you can also choose a large dining table and enjoy the spacious workspace it offers. Dare to do it and consider a colorful variant or one that combines acrylic and other materials, such as lacquer and glass. Whether you’re looking for a sleek or edgy look, you’re sure to find one Acrylic desk Find.