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A small, multi-level garden in California

A small garden-backyard-fire-place-privacy-screen-wood-panels

A spacious outdoor area undoubtedly offers several different and imaginative design options. A small garden, on the other hand, does not leave so many options open, but can also be designed in a playful way, so that all the demands and needs of the garden owner are met. Well thought-out garden planning with a clear and simple structure guarantees optimal garden design. The owners of a small part of the garden have relied on the professional experience of the SEED Studio and the result is more than impressive. On just a few square meters, a cozy seating area, a fireplace with seats and raised beds for small and large plants are harmoniously designed next to each other. A privacy screen and thus a calm and cozy atmosphere through garden decoration and atmospheric lighting is also provided.

A small garden in California

A small garden-seat-couch-outdoor-furniture

It is really impressive what the landscapers have achieved with this small part of the garden. They designed the tiny backyard in a terraced manner, dividing it into several areas. This creates different functional rooms and there is space for sitting and grilling as well as for large plants. These are visually separated from one another, but at the same time create a harmonious whole. Small-growing plants and other decorative elements set accents and round off the cozy garden design.

A small garden with several levels

A small garden outdoor furniture wooden deck Buddha statue

Since it is a backyard between the houses, a privacy screen from all sides is necessary. This function is fulfilled by the wooden panels, which optimally protect privacy and at the same time have a natural appearance. Tall bamboo plants bring a fresh note. The combination of small and large shrubs, ornamental grasses, succulents and other easy-care plants give the garden design a playful character. Potted plants and garden decorations complete the cozy atmosphere. For these, however, the padded seating area with cozy cushions is particularly helpful.

A small garden with a fireplace and a cozy sitting area

A small garden -gravel garden-drought-loving-plants

The cozy seating area is designed on a wooden deck with a nice, warm color and is surrounded by plants. The lower level is covered by pebbles and a few concrete tiles point the way to the seating area. In this area there is a fire bowl made of Corten steel with four seats made of tree trunks. Gravel or a stone floor is basically the best surface for an outdoor fireplace or fireplace. The cozy atmosphere not only creates the crackling fire, but also the romantic fairy lights and lanterns.

a-small-garden-gravel-fireplace-wooden deck

The terraced garden design is particularly useful and functional in small gardens. Multiple levels create a visual impact for generosity. Small areas work similarly to the rooms in the interior and will definitely find more use than a huge lawn. Raised beds can be designed aesthetically and, as here, the barbecue area can be visually separated from the seating area. By using different materials, for example wood and gravel, you can create a similar effect. Plants and decorations serve as connecting elements.




a-small-garden-fireplace-gravel-stairs-privacy screen


* a project by Seed Studio