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A complete success – this is how a garden party succeeds

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Whether in the early afternoon or in the evening – a garden party is always an extraordinary event. Because celebrating outdoors is something special and offers numerous possibilities from a beach party for a special birthday to a summer party in vintage style. But what else does a successful garden party need besides a beautiful garden??

Organize a garden party – from food to decoration

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Mottos usually help to find inspiration at most festivals. At a garden party this is not absolutely necessary because the special ambience already provides enough inspiration for the food, the drinks and the decorations. A light, fresh kitchen with lots of vegetables is ideal when celebrating in the garden. Meat and fish are also grilled. Another idea could be a buffet with finger food, which has the advantage that guests can eat without cutlery and therefore do not necessarily have to sit at a dining table. Instead, you can sit down on garden armchairs or loungers with tomato and mozzarella skewers, mini wraps or falafel and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere.

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Flowers, twigs, moss and other materials from nature are suitable for decorations that can be a bit lavish. You can either arrange these on the table or put them in a vase. Pewter buckets and nostalgic jug-shaped vases underline the garden flair very well. If your house and garden have a more modern look, you can support them with a noble decoration with straight vases made of glass or shiny metal.

In addition, you can of course place your garden party under a motto such as “Flower Power”, “Caribbean” or “Midsommar”.

The right furniture for a successful garden party


Depending on how many guests you invite and what the design of your garden party looks like, you will need one or more dining tables as well as enough chairs or alternatively beer table sets, which are ideally suited for a rustic motto or a rural garden. Lounge furniture is very suitable for a beach party or if you want a relaxed atmosphere. In a large garden, you can distribute these in different locations and create different seating groups. Hammocks, Hollywood swings, beach chairs and outdoor beanbags also create a special ambience.

Appropriate protection from the weather

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If you’re throwing a garden party, you probably have an ideal of deep blue skies and bright sunshine in mind. However, the weather is usually unpredictable, which is why you should provide rain protection. At best this fulfills this particular one requirements:

– It has to be big enough so that there is room for all the guests underneath.

– It should be stable or securely fastened to the floor.

– The material should be durable and rainproof.

Sun sails or pavilions, which are available in different designs, are therefore best suited. You can either rent or at online stores like this one to buy. The purchase is particularly recommended if you often celebrate garden parties. In addition, pavilions, sails and the like are also necessary to protect guests from the sun. A nice side effect is that the sun or weather protection can also create a special flair because it immediately reminds you of summer and also spreads cosiness. You can attach fairy lights and lanterns to the pavilions or the fastening poles for the awning, which will transform your garden into an atmospheric ambience in the evening.

How to invite your guests

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In order to emphasize the specialty of the festival, you should not necessarily invite your guests via electronic short message or email. Creative, self-designed invitation cards are better suited.

Three ideas:

1. Spicy greetings

You can design the individual pages of the invitation cards with herbs (e.g. thyme), which you primarily use to season the dishes that you want to serve at your garden party. The aroma can already spread in the envelope and make your guests want to celebrate.

2. Message in a bottle

For a garden party with a maritime theme, invitations that you put in glass bottles are very suitable. The neck of the bottle is wrapped with a thin rope, at the end of which a label with the name of the guest and his address can be attached.

3. Nicely folded

Instead of a classic card, you can also write your invitation on a piece of paper that you can then fold into a butterfly or crane. It is particularly creative if you arrange the text in such a way that it gradually becomes visible when it is unfolded and the guest receives the necessary information step by step.

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