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6 types of flowering houseplants for a beautiful winter home

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In the houses of the good housewives, one can see many beautiful things decorated with taste and love. But what gives a certain room liveliness and cosiness are the flowers in this ambience. There are several flowering house plants species, who are not fussy or demanding and do not require special care. But you can also make your home cozy and comfortable in the darkest winter days. Today we have selected just a few of the most popular flowering houseplants for you and would like to briefly report on them.

 Enjoy flowering house plants in winter

1. Jasmine

flowering houseplant species jasmine white blossoms climbing plant

The jasmine has small leaves and small, white, strong and pleasantly scented flowers. The jasmine blooms in winter and the room where the flower is placed is sure to become the family’s favorite place. Caring for this houseplant is easy – the jasmine needs more light to bloom in rich buds. The light shouldn’t be direct, so a window with curtains is the perfect place for it. Be sparing when watering.

2. Begonia

flowering houseplant species begonia salmon color decoration flower

This flower is called “the little rose” because its flowers are similar to those of roses. In order to enjoy the begonia at home for a long time, you need a place with light and moderate humidity for the flower. You need to water the begonia every 3 days in summer and every 7 days in winter.

Low-maintenance flowering houseplant species

3. Primrose

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The primrose (Primula) has many small, colorful flowers and its aroma is reminiscent of the freesias. The primrose is not pretentious about watering, which makes it ideal for kitchens because it maintains the environmental factors (smell and moisture) in the desired norm. The primrose blooms in late winter, which is why it is considered the flower of spring.

4. Gardenia

flowering houseplants species gardenia white blossom pretty

One of the most beautiful flowering houseplants is the gardenia. It is a little demanding, but it is definitely worth taking care of. She loves water, so water the gardenia almost every day and in the summer also sprinkle her leaves with water. The flower likes warm, sunny places.

5. Azalea (rhododendron)

flowering house plants species Azalea nakaharae Pink

The azalea blooms in autumn to late winter. She likes average temperatures and regular watering. Sprinkle the azalea leaves with water once a day, and in the hot months – twice. At high temperatures, their leaves can wither and fall off.

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These are just a few of the blooming flowers that can make your home look even more pleasant. It is enough to sacrifice a few minutes of your time daily for the houseplants and they will reward you with lots of beauty and fresh air in the house.

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