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31 great ideas for a pool with a slide

Pool with slide brown-waterfall-idea-stones

Have you ever thought about one Pool with slide to build? Today we have some interesting designs that popular swimming pool manufacturers came up with for your customers after they were asked to do so. You can see breathtaking slides made of stone, as well as concrete and even plastic. Let’s marvel at the great designs the designers have created to inspire and motivate pool owners to get their own well-deserved slide.

Props from the pool with slide


But before we give you the 31 great ideas for a Pool with slide show, we should think about which props you want to add to your pool and who should actually use the slide. It means whether you want it for your children or whether it should be suitable for your guests in general, such as friends and colleagues. Once you have decided who should use the slide, you can also assess what type or model your designer should add.

With that in mind, you can now look at the following examples



Cabo style

Cabo style swimming pool slide

The pool is breathtaking without a doubt, but take a look at the impressive slide too.

Who wouldn’t like a house that has a swimming pool, a wellness area with a water bar and a slide? This one has all of that and more.

A natural pool


Don’t you also find that the combination of Pool with slide and cozy fireplace in this pool area just looks great? The slide was specially designed for this pool. It is rather traditional, but without a doubt a real eye catcher.

 Howard County

Howard County style slide kidney shape

The simple terrace, the stone walls as an accent, the lush landscaping and the color accents in this pool area are simply breathtaking.

A tropical pool in Los Angeles

Los Angeles-type-slide-for-pool

This property is located in the hills of Santa Monica. It is about 1000 square meters. What more could the family want? It’s a great party house.

Northport Drive

Northport Drive Tree Water Slide

The rustic elements and atmosphere that the Pool with slide are extremely impressive. It seems like the plants in the background are embracing the area with affection.

Park Lake Project


This outdoor area consists of a large P.ool with slide, a terrace, a partition wall with water effects, a fire bowl and several seating areas.

Slide and prefabricated stones

Precast rock mini lake pool

Just look how much fun this kid is having using the recently installed slide. The pool is located in Los Angeles.

Pool with slide

Slide pool idea house pool

Adding plants to your pool area can mean more work, but the wonderful atmosphere and shade it gives you make it worth it. Enjoy your pool even more.

Swan pools

Swan Pools designer water facility

The rocky look this Pool with slide owns, looks just great in the pool area. The whirlpool, which is located to the side of the pool, is ideal for relaxing after a busy day.

A traditional pool with a slide


A slide does not have to be built together with the pool. You can also add them after you’ve long had your pool. As you can see here, the new slide looks like it’s been there forever.

A geometric pool with a slide made of travertine


The geometric slide made of travertine was built on site so that the customer could decide which shape and which parts he would like for the slide.

A pool with a slide and pool bar in Upper Saucon

Upper Saucon round swimming pool

This saltwater pool was built by Monogram Custom Pools in Lehigh County PA, Upper Saucon Township. The shape of the pool, as well as the accents that are set by the slide and the waterfall on one of the sides, are just wonderful.

Water slide and fountain

water slide fountain still garden

The slide that was added to the pool made the pool special in terms of its function and aesthetics.

A slide in white

White Project styling slide pool

This property has a Pool with slide, a whirlpool, stone steps, a landscape made of rocks, a floor covering made of bluestone, a diving board, a slope and a pleasant terrace. What more could you ask for in a pool area??

The list of examples for a Pool with slide is really an excellent inspiration, especially if you already have a pool and are now looking for a suitable design for the long-awaited slide. This idea is great if you have kids who love to swim and invite friends over for a swim, but also if you just want the slide for your own family. There are an infinite number of designs for the Pool with slide. Just ask a swimming pool manufacturer.







jurassic park flower shape pool



swimming pool designer slide water




pool-with-slide-mediterranean-pergola-wall-privacy screen