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24 inspiring ideas for a beautiful terrace design

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Freshen up your otherwise boring terrace with these interesting decoration ideas for one Terrace design on. Take a look at the following pretty pictures and be inspired by them!

Pretty terrace design for a cozy atmosphere

Terrace design colorful blue green comfort cosiness

1. Add color

Add a little color and pretty patterns to the patio with pillows and cushions. These can easily change the overall look of the outdoor facility. The great thing is that nowadays the fabrics no longer have to be plastic-like or uncomfortable to withstand the different weather conditions. Hand out for a pretty Terrace design just a couple of colorful cushions with interesting patterns for a more dynamic atmosphere and set up stools or a couple of floor cushions for additional seating.

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2. S.stylish floor

A carpet for outside is also a great way to freshen up the terrace. It should preferably have cheerful patterns and be colorful. The carpet makes the floor made of cobblestone as well as bricks and wood livelier. Use it to expand your color scheme on the floor and create a visual center on your patio.

Terrace design sunshade outdoor area nice ideas

3. Use a parasol

In the event that your terrace is not covered, you can set up an interesting parasol as a pretty terrace design. In addition to providing the necessary shade on hotter summer days, it is a great vertical accent compared to the otherwise horizontally arranged garden furniture. And in this way you can give your terrace additional color.

Nice terrace design – tips and tricks

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4. Renew old garden furniture

Freshen up your faded patio furniture with a paint spray. Nowadays there is a large selection of colors available for a wide variety of materials. For this pretty Terrace design just need a little imagination. You can even redesign cushions and cushions with stick-on strips or templates. And best of all: with each passing year the selection becomes larger and more diverse. Just take a look around the stores and you will find suitable options.

Terrace design gazebo simple design black and white

5. Cover your outdoor area

You can create a cozy oasis with a canopy bed or a gazebo. Decide for yourself whether you prefer a collapsible construction or a fixed version, such as those that have integrated flower pots. Different options are also offered in terms of price. A gazebo is perfect for a pretty patio design and is a great place to have a chat or an al fresco dinner.

Terraces gazebo rain sun protection cozy inviting

6. A pretty terrace design in combination with privacy

Turn your patio into a place to retreat by adding privacy screens. These privacy curtains made of fabric are pretty and not intrusive, provided you have the prerequisites to be able to hang them up. Otherwise, privacy fences are also very suitable as a pretty terrace design. But make sure that they don’t block your view.

Ideas for the perfect terrace design

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7. Add a little shine to your patio

For this pretty Terrace design you can hang a couple of crystal chandeliers over the patio dining area. If you don’t plan on running cables, you can also hang or use battery-powered glittering lights. Another variant is a chandelier in which each arm has a battery-operated table candle.

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8. Create a reading corner

You can turn one of the corners of the terrace into a cozy reading corner. Set up a comfortable chair with seat cushions and cushions and a stool. You can also put a small side table next to the chair. You can add a floor lamp to your reading corner so that you can read in peace even at and after sunset. Make sure that it is suitable for outdoor use.

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9. Light at night

You can create a pretty terrace design with a romantic atmosphere with a few candles. Put some pillar candles in suitable containers and put them on the table. Or you can make lanterns and hang them on the terrace. Another great idea is to arrange the candles on a metal tray or bowl that can be hung. Spread hanging plants around the candles, such as moss, loosestrife or ivy.

The terrace design and the comfort

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10. An outdoor cafe

Create a sheltered place where you can enjoy your morning coffee or a glass of orange juice. Your day will be better too if you start it off with a peaceful moment in the garden. To make the area even more inviting, use colorful seat cushions for the chairs and a matching tablecloth with a pretty pattern.

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11. Get the most out of the furniture

Set up the patio for a pretty Terrace design with versatile furniture. The terrace is there to relax, to work on various projects for the garden and also to be used for entertainment. You should bear all of this in mind when choosing garden furniture. This plant table, for example, can be used both for gardening and in between as a side table for storing dishes during a party.

design patio area open kitchen modern design

12. Time to grill

Invest in a good grill and lay the foundation for an outdoor kitchen. With a few cupboards and a worktop, you can design a kitchen for little money. If possible, this should also include a sink that can easily be connected to the garden hose. A BBQ can literally change your life, taking dishwashing and food preparation outside for the entire summer. Grilled food is healthier, cooking outside is easier, and a nice change of pace from being in the kitchen. Grilling is also a great new family tradition.

 Beautiful terrace design – Use accents!

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13. A small fountain

Put up a romantic fountain. It doesn’t have to be a huge, sunk into the ground and tiled fountain that costs a fortune. Just use a waterproof container, fill it with water, and put some floating plants in it. This pretty one Terrace design has a refreshing effect on a terrace. This stone bowl, which contains water and flowers as well as floating balls, also looks pretty. If you like the sound of splashing water, you can also add a water-spitting frog or something similar.

Terrace design vintage look white shades green

14. Use items from the flea market

Make your patio decor extra special by adding things that can be found at the flea market. An old, ornate bed frame is ideal for the terrace. For example, it can be transformed into a comfortable lounger to relax in. For their part, wicker furniture gives the terrace a romantic atmosphere. Reusing and restoring scrap and collectibles can make your patio unique.

Terrace entrance plants flowers fresh scented decoration

15. An effective entrance

Regardless of whether your terrace is right next to the house or a separate location has been chosen for it, design an entrance that is inviting and makes the terrace the focus. A beautiful, wooden arch covered with roses is suitable for such a pretty terrace design, but an arch or a gate made of metal also look great. You can just as easily put up two pieces of picket fence. The trick is to balance the entrance with the rest of the garden by letting flowers and plants sway up and around it.

The right terrace design should be colorful and colorful

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16. Choose a color scheme

A simple color scheme for the flowers as well as the decor and the garden furniture creates a balance and a balanced atmosphere. In the picture, the colors of the petunias are in harmony with the trellis in the background. The cushions in the same shade emphasize the deck chair. The white furniture, the gray tiles, the weathered trellis and the green plants provide a neutral background for the strong colors.

Terrace beautiful ideas chandelier lanterns vintage style

17. Select the potted plants carefully

Many consider flowers in pots to be something temporary, seasonal that doesn’t exist in the winter months. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Get winterproof flower pots in which you can plant little trees or bushes. For a particularly pretty one Terrace design then plant the flowers that you usually put in the flowerpots outside. So you can leave everything outside for the winter. Put the large pots out of rolls so that you can easily move them around if you wish.

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18. Combine the potted plants with the patio furniture

Cushions, rugs, seat cushions, and flower pots or tubs add color to the decor. In this way, the pretty terrace design is completed as a whole.

Beautiful terrace design – be creative!

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19. Tropical atmosphere for the terrace

Create an exotic, pretty patio design by placing tropical plants in flower pots. To do this, choose plants of different sizes and with leaves of different sizes, which you then jumble. This gives you an environment similar to that in the rainforest. Expand the whole thing with a Mediterranean atmosphere, which you can best achieve with matching flower pots. Mexican-style pots, for example, add color to the patio. Even if you have no experience with the different types of plants, Mexican pots are colorful enough to add enough vibrancy to the patio, even if you choose just one and two types of plants.

Terrace design flowers pots rustic elements hanging plants

20. Make use of the walls

Create a flower wall on the terrace. To do this, hang up flower pots whose backs have been cut off so that they lie directly against the wall. They look great the first day you plant them. Imagine how impressive they won’t be until the flowers have grown. Remember to water these flowers daily.

simple design several flower pots wood material bench

21. A spicy environment

Plant spices and tomatoes in the flower pots for the patio. If you have children, try to involve them. For an extra, pretty one Terrace design you can also choose a spice plant to put on the dining table on the terrace to decorate it.

Beautiful terrace design – create your own oasis

Terrace design plant containers flowers scent fresh

22. Change the arrangement of the flowers

This year change the combination of flowers. Mix different types of flowers and plants. There are no precise rules. Just try several combinations until you are happy with the choice. Assemble flowers with different leaf sizes, colors and nuances and of different types.

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23. Potted plants without pots

You don’t necessarily need pots to enjoy potted flowers outside. How about you just remove a tile from the patio and plant it there? Bushes or shrubs are also suitable for this place. You can also use bushes to create a living wall, which you can use to separate different areas from each other.

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24. Think about the birds

In the United States, bird feeding is the number one hobby. Set up birdhouses and distribute tit bait around the patio. This way you will ensure soothing and natural bird chirping and they are also great for the pretty one Terrace design.