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20 inspiring examples of a pretty curtain design

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Decorating the house is fun. You can redesign the whole house or the whole apartment or you can renovate only a certain area. But this article is about textiles, fabrics and prints. Aside from pillows, curtains are also among the decorations that are made of fabrics. These are available in different colors, patterns and styles.

20 different examples of a pretty curtain design

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In this article we have an interesting list of 20 examples of one Curtain design from different designers and manufacturers for you. They look beautiful in combination with the curtains and drapes, whether they are making a comeback or not. Window decorations, whether tied at the sides, covering the whole window, folded or plain, add a certain flow and softness to the hard edges and corners of the room. Their practical side is that they provide some privacy and the amount of light can be controlled. They can also help to hide any defects in the room or to emphasize its great sides. Now have fun looking at the list of various Curtain design.

Curtain Design – 1. Tracy Valance folds

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This curtain is easy to apply and can be adjusted to any window size. It can be attached in a number of ways, such as with a round bar and eyelets. It can also be used on both sides.

2. Black and white curtain design


Decorate your window with this traditional double-folded curtain. That Curtain design for the window consists of a black and white pattern.

3. Bleu Fleur De Lis – saddle pad style


This curtain made of extremely soft chenille damask has been beautifully combined with a modern Himalayan blue and classic Bleu Fleur De Lis pattern.

4. Bleu Fleur De Lis curtain design


Add elegance to your bare windows with this curtain made of extremely soft chenille damask fabric and Curtain design. The two-part valance made of Bleu Fleur De Lis pattern brings a certain sophistication to the room.

5. Crap Cheshire Tapered Sheer Curtain


The Mist Cheshire Tapered Curtain is made of a great fabric with overflowing colors in pleasant earth and majestic colors.

6. Brylanehome valance


This Curtain design made of bamboo looks best when combined with the eyelet and loop scarves and the wall piece made of bamboo. It helps to dim the light and is a great, nature-friendly variant for the house.

7. A blue facility


The decay and sophistication of romance is expressed in these Paris Salon fan style blue chenille swag curtains.

8. Haley curtains


The unique Curtain design from Haley with medallions is a delicate touch, but at the same time great and a fashionable window decoration.

9. A Duchess Rose Swag curtain


With these pleasant colors and majestic ones Curtain design The Duchess Rose Swag Curtain will make you feel like you are from the nobility. The lined polyester curtain also consists of great colors in gold and stylish decorations in the form of roses. The lower edge is decorated with a golden ribbon made of satin.

10. The Abigail curtain


The Abigail curtain has a different character depending on the fabric used. This example for a Curtain design would fit very well in a girl’s room.

11. A lined window topper


This window topper has a pattern of gray, white, yellow and light blue floral motifs. It is kept pretty and simple and therefore fits in every home.

12. A waterfall curtain in classic colors


The combination of delicate pink and beige for this large window curtain exudes grandeur and rich color.

13. The Mirador Curtain from Manor Hill


The combination of red and modern platinum gray have a breathtaking effect on this Mirador Curtain design. The curtains have great leaf motifs, while the valance offers an effective red accent in the folds.

14. Portia curtain in French style


When looking at this polyester satin curtain, French cafes and large ballrooms come to mind.

15. Royal red Louis XVI.


Enjoy the sight of the companionway and the royal dignity that this red curtain exudes. This magnificent piece is characterized by the stake style and red fringed tassels. Make eye catching with this unique and impressive Curtain design.


Curtains are some kind of fabric, but they make a big difference. They hang on the window and add a certain softness, color and pattern to an otherwise rather cold architecture. From a purely decorative point of view, the curtain helps to consolidate the style of the room. Basically, the simplest variant is simply to attach a piece of fabric to a rod with clamping rings. For a few details, add twists and folds. We hope you enjoyed the examples of one Curtain design please and you might be inspired by them.