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20 great swimming pool designs in geometric shapes


It is really not easy to find and choose the right design for the pool. The available space and the landscape must be taken into account. Since swimming pools come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and styles, it is important to determine which is the best shape of the pool to suit the resources of the home. To help you a little bit with your choice, today we have a few Swimming pool designs in geometric shapes for you, skillfully made by the best designers and architects. Geometric pool designs are considered to be the classic styles that create flat lines and geometric shapes.

20 swimming pool designs in geometric shapes with corners and smooth lines


The geometric and especially the rectangular swimming pool is considered to be the traditional variant. The size and design can vary, which is why it can be compared to the pools in free forms.

The geometric swimming pool designs offer a wide variety of ideas


This type of pool is characterized by sharp corners to which you can also add a slide. The shape is popular with many because it is simple and has a practical function. To convince yourself of the practical side of a pool in geometric shapes, check out the following impressive ones Swimming pool designs at.

1. A pool in the south


Both the fire and the fountain, which are built into this pool in geometric shapes, contribute to an enchanting landscape.

2. A geometric pool


The straight lines and corners, as well as the lights that were built into the corners, make this one Swimming pool designs even more attractive in geometric shapes.

3. Lassala Elenes


This relaxing pool area in the garden is thanks to the talented designer.

4. A geometric pool with a fountain


The fountains on the edge of the pool definitely provide refreshment, even if you are only lying next to the pool.

5. A pool in geometric shapes with pleasant lighting


The designer used the great lighting of this pool in a creative way, which is sure to set the mood of the customer.

6. An elongated pool


This pool is smaller and elongated and has been designed to provide more comfort and relaxation.

7. A pool in geometric shapes with a great landscape


In this example, the designer has to create a beautiful landscape that matches the shape of this cool, blue pool.

8. A modern pool in geometric shapes


The breathtaking, artificial waterfalls highlight the elegance and luxury of this pool area even at night.

9. An open pool area


This pool area is wide enough to be able to feel the fresh air and the heat of the sun while swimming.

10. A modern pool in geometric shapes with waterfalls


This example shows the rough structure of the tiles and stones, which contrast with the smooth and calm water of the pool.

11. A pool in geometric shapes with a terrace


As can be seen, the designer has managed to make maximum use of the available space in this outdoor area.

12. An open pool area with a bar


The water in the pool seems to dance with the wonderful fountains and the blue sky.

13. A pool in geometric shapes with a view


With this pool, the designer has managed to combine the natural elements with it.

14. A modern geometric pool on a jetty


The owner of this sympathetic pool with its geometric shapes can certainly relax while observing the tranquility of the surroundings.

15. A Curtis pool


The trees surrounding the pool area add more coolness to the water in this stunning swimming pool.

16. An elegant pool in geometric shapes


The lighting in this example can also show how elegant the swimming pool is.

17. A simple swimming pool


The fountain in the corner of the pool is the highlight of this simple pool.

18. A small pool from Precision Pools


Despite the limited space available here, the designer was able to create a clear, simple and geometric pool.

19. A pool in geometric shapes with many effects


The fountains and artificial waterfalls in this swimming pool illustrate how exciting and fun swimming can be and invite you to linger.

20. A large pool with a gazebo and waterfalls


In the midst of the heat of the sun, this area can provide refreshment and relaxation after a stress-free day.

the Swimming pool designs in geometric shapes are sometimes the best choice if you are looking for a suitable pool. These types of pool designs not only meet the client’s needs in terms of style and design, but also the functions. As seen in the examples above, rectangular pools have been proven to be useful when it comes to designing and building a more fun swimming pool. In addition, it is easier to maintain than the irregularly shaped pools. We hope that these designs have inspired you and that you can now make the right choice when designing your own pool.