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20 great ideas for living room design when space is limited


The living room is a place in the house that best reflects the sense of style that everyone can see. We receive guests in this room and they can see with just a few wandering glances how much style there is in us. It doesn’t have to be huge and extravagant.

The small room – 20 ideas for the living room design


That Living room design should just reflect who we really are and what we truly love. Today we’re going to show you 20 interesting ideas for that Living room design, that is suitable for small living rooms and shows the best sides of the homeowner and the house itself.

Interior and living room design – increasing the space


The living rooms that you are about to see are just examples of how you can really display yourself and show your sense of style, even if you don’t have too much space. The designs vary from black and white rooms, brightly colored, chic, traditional and modern. The list is sure to impress and inspire you as it makes it clear that no matter how much space you have in your home, you can have a lovely Living room design can create. Have fun browsing through the photos.

1. A living room at Varsity Park 64


A corner living room is the perfect example of how small a living room can be. The striped wall and the carpet in the area of ​​the sofa give the room the finishing touch.

2. City Lights on Fig Apartments


Just a small, black sofa, two small coffee tables, a lamp and a chair as accents are the main elements in this small living room.

3. A modern living room design


You see a chic one Living room design, that is small and tight, but still beautiful. The room is colorful and has a large ottoman that doubles as a coffee table.

4. A modern living room in Raleigh


This modern Living room design best shows how well a modern interior goes together with a classic sofa and simple armchairs. A fireplace has another function besides lighting up the room.

5. From eating to living


Just because you live in a small house doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your living room. While this area is small, the welcoming area is simple yet cozy.

6. A decor by Jennifer Inc.


The simplicity of this room is illustrated by the choice of colors. The room is small, but adding more chairs also means more people can be seated.

7. A living room design in red

7-And-yablo-idea-design-interior-living room

A nice couch and a big TV. What more could you ask for?

8. If you live in a condo


In the case of an apartment, the design process can sometimes be difficult. They are often small and with Living room design compromises have to be made. However, this example clearly shows that this does not always have to be a disadvantage.

9. Living and eating in a condominium


While this room looks large, the living room area is only a small part of it. The pretty chandelier makes the area special.

10. A fashion PR company in New York

10-NYC-Fashion-modern-bright-colors-small space

Living areas are not only intended for apartments and houses. This New York company proves that minimal space can actually look so great.

11. An example of Ralston Courtyard Apartments

11-Ralston-Courtyard-ideas-small-living room

Don’t you think the floor in this apartment is just wonderful? Bamboo has never looked better. The red accents that match this Living room design without a doubt make all the difference.

12. An idea for the room


A living room and office in one room. A small area should never be an obstacle if you want to be sure that good planning of the design will meet your needs.

13. A simple living room design


This simply designed area is reminiscent of a single life: a chair in front of the TV and a clear, personal living area.

14. A living room in the small apartment


Small apartments are probably the cutest areas to decorate. The color choice in this one Living room design makes it look modern. It’s stylish and thoughtful.

15. A small and simple living room


This is an example of a common household with at least four family members. You will see a cozy area where everyone can gather together and talk to each other.

16. A small apartment


In this example, the bedroom is right next to the living room. What is shown is a simple, white couch that the owner can relax and watch TV on after a busy day at work.

17. A small, simple living room


The decor in this one Living room design Although it looks simple, it still contains everything you need in a living area: a sofa and a TV.

18. A small, simple living room


Aside from the picture on the wall, this living room is extremely cute. The details are kept simple and the area is neat and does not contain a lot of furniture. An example of a Living room design in a minimalist style.

19. The living room design in a suite

19-Suite-Life-idea-design-small-living room

This living room has been beautifully designed. It also has a small dining area for two. The colors are without a doubt attractive considering that mostly black, white and gray were chosen.

20. A small living room in a house with a porch


The interior is just beautifully designed. The hanging lamp is really pretty, but nothing compared to the fireplace with the steel cover.

We hope you have enjoyed these 20 examples of one Living room design If there is little space, especially when you consider that the living room is usually the largest room in the apartment or house, as the guests are invited there. But, as mentioned earlier, it doesn’t matter how big or small your living area is. It is important that you can entertain your guests there and have the opportunity to give your inner designer free space.