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18 great ideas and inspirations for an indoor pool


Do something good for yourself and reward yourself with a new, refreshing and relaxing purchase that you have always wanted. Today we’d like to give you a few examples of one Pool in the house show that you can get inspiration from. The pool designs vary in size and style. So you have the opportunity to find what you need or want and what suits the architecture of your house. And this is where the instinct of the productive designer comes into play.

An indoor pool – luxury or affordable pleasure


You may be wondering why you choose one Pool in the house should have. There are just moments when you want to relax, protected from the sun, or just want to feel the privacy while you relax. An indoor pool is also very suitable when the weather is not as great as expected and you still want to swim and have fun in the water.

The pool in the house is a combination of design and motivation

built-in-pool-in-house wood decking designer

Another reason is that where you live doesn’t necessarily have to be a factor. Just because you live in a condominium complex doesn’t mean you can’t have a pool. For this reason, design plays a major role. This is one of the advantages of an indoor pool. Now let yourself be seduced by the following designs for a Pool in the house impress and inspire and convince yourself of the advantages of an indoor pool.

1. An indoor pool in Malibu

1-pool-in-house-white-chic-surroundingsAn elegant indoor pool in a modern apartment.

2. A pool in the house

2-refreshing-house-swimming-pool-designerA slightly different design that might suit someone’s preference.

3. An indoor pool in Charlotte


A very large indoor pool in Charlotte, North Carolina.

4. An indoor pool with accents of color


This indoor pool also has two whirlpools.

5. A smaller pool in the house with a jacuzzi5-pool-and-spa-idea-two-parts

While this pool is small, it can still provide comfort to a family or a few people.

6. An indoor pool in Japan


A great pool that is located in Japan.

7. An indoor pool in a hotel


This relaxing indoor pool is designed to keep you in shape. The photo was taken with a Nikon D700.

8. A pool in Germany


This impressive and well-designed pool is located in Berlin.

9. A pool in the house


This indoor pool design was shot on a Canon EOS 5D Mark II.

10. An oriental indoor pool


This impressive pool was photographed in Bahrain.

11. Spain


An impressive pool design in Elciego, Spain.

12. A pool area with an overview


This Pool in the house was designed for a small area in a residence.

13. An indoor pool with a view of the sky


This indoor pool works very well in a villa where the ceiling can be made of glass to allow a view of the sky or simply painted to give the illusion of a sky.

14. A cozy pool area in the house


This pool design was done by Mental Ray.

15. A modern pool in the house


This indoor pool design was done in Cad, 3DsMax, Vray, and Photoshop.

16. A blue atmosphere


This overflowing pool design for the home is suitable for large spaces.

17. A coverable indoor pool


This beautifully designed indoor pool is by David Hallam.

18. A pool in the house with a whirlpool to feel good


A well accented pool in a pleasant natural setting.

When it comes to architecture and design, you can be infinitely innovative. Swimming pools can be breathtaking, whether indoors or outdoors in the garden. The only thing that matters is what you need, what you want and what you should have. That is why it is entirely up to you which type of pool, which style and which design you choose.