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16 ideas for a great and fun DIY garden swing

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If you have children, or if you feel like a child yourself, you must have a swing nearby. Swinging is fun, especially in hot summer, under the shade of the garden tree or simply in the forest. Case Those who are also very creative and skillful and the DIY projects bring you a good mood and no difficulties, we have prepared a few things especially for you.

We present 16 ideas for a great DIY garden swing

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Relax and enjoy the pleasant, warm summer days in your own swing in the garden, on the veranda or on the terrace. All you need for the following interesting ideas for a great DIY garden swing need is enough space and a little creativity.

Tips for designing the DIY garden swing


1. Use old page and paint it any color. 2. With just a small piece of rope and a piece of wood, you can have a fun summer. 3. Create a great swing out of pillows. 4. One DIY garden swing made of wooden pallets and ropes. 5. Make a simple swing out of wood. 6. An old, round armchair with cushions is great for a swing. 7. This idea for a swing made from a chair is extremely original. 8. Spice up your garden with a colorful swing. 9. This swing made from an old skateboard is also a great idea. 10. You can reuse your old rocking chair by repainting it beforehand. With a little imagination, you will bring a lot of fun to your family and friends – and you will spend the summer as great as a child – because swings are not just a priority for children – we, the adults, can sometimes afford that too.

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Build garden swing yourself


A great idea from wooden boards – swing chair


A wooden disc and a rope – the swing is ready!


The old chair is converted into a garden swing

Garden swing chair idea diy style

The swing by Pipi Longstocking – made of rope and wood board


Don’t want to skate anymore – then you can make something different out of the skateboard

diy garden swing skate board funny

A decorated swing with fabric fringes


A combination between a hammock and a swing





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