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16 apartment design ideas in Scandinavian style


If you like interiors, designed and furnished in Scandinavian style, then check out these 16 beautiful ones Flat design ideas for living rooms, designed and equipped in Scandinavian style. You look amazing.

16 Scandinavian style apartment design ideas for the large living room

living room-scandinavia-white-green-design-apartment

The Scandinavian style contains an unbelievable mixture of casual, elegant, rustic and refined elements, all of which come together warmly and happily in one room. One of the basic characteristics of this style is natural wood. Other important features of this style are soft materials and clear shapes. The color also plays a big role here. The white color symbolizes immaculate snow. In combination with other elements, the white makes the house appear brighter and wider, it creates a relaxed atmosphere, for which this style is very popular.

The Scandinavian apartment design as a result of the relationship between people and nature


In Scandinavia, people dream of sun and hot days. They love and protect nature, which is why there is an inseparable connection between people and their surroundings, which can also be seen in Scandinavian homes. A house surrounded by endless forests or with a view of the field, showered with summer flowers, will also reflect these whims and nuances of nature inside. In addition to the white color, green and brown are also used, namely – the colors of the wood, which plays an important role in Scandinavian interiors. The day in summer is long in Scandinavia – we already know the white nights – but in autumn, spring and winter every ray of sunshine is welcome in the house and therefore the residents do not need curtains and create large French windows.

Our ideas for an apartment design in the large living room


Our suggestions for Flat design affect not only the countryside, but the modern Scandinavian apartment in the city. The style is classic or non-traditional, but the warmth that radiates from each apartment unites the idea of ​​a cozy and practical contemporary home.

Enjoy the Scandinavian apartment vision and maybe you will bring it to your home.

The large Scandinavian living room


Classic wooden ceiling and floor


Retro furniture 


A modern living room


Window walls with a forest environment

Scandinavian-house-windows-surrounded-large-living room

A long living room


In the city


Living room under the stairs