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15 great ideas for a cool indoor swimming pool


A pool in the garden provides fun, entertainment, relaxation and satisfaction for the family. The only downside is that when the weather is bad, all of this fun is not possible while taking a dip in the pool. Because of this, many homeowners choose one Swimming pool in the house to build.

Designer swimming pool at home


Since modern design is currently trending, we have a few modern rooms with pool and indoor pools for you to be inspired by. We hope you enjoy watching it.

1. The Davis Estate


The interesting thing about this one Swimming pool in the house is that the color of the wall compliments the color of the pool. The aquarium, which is located in the same wall, gives the room more liveliness.

2. An indoor pool


This big one Swimming pool in the house has a seating area and a kitchen. You can easily spend hours in this room.

3. Indoor pool with snooker


One of the most expensive houses for sale in the market includes this luxurious one Swimming pool in the house, as well as a sauna and a snooker room.

4. A luxurious indoor swimming pool


This pool room provides a calming feeling due to its accurate design. A combination of wood and tiles is used for the walls. The lighting is also very pleasant.

5. Bloomfield


A large pool was built in this property to become the focal point. On the way from the foyer to the living room, guests get a view of the pool on the lower floor through the large glass floor, which is located under the glass table by the couch. The marble floor ends at the end of the living room, but the glass top goes a little further, allowing guests to stand directly above the pool.

6. Caya


This example represents one Swimming pool in the house that stretches along the wall to the outside. The fireplace is covered with Porcelanosa tiles and is illuminated by recessed wall lamps in the ceiling.

7. Casa Moru


Natural bamboo was used as the flooring for this pool area. The special thing here is the vertical garden on the wall.

8. A swimming pool in the house in Buenos Aires


A seating area takes on the role of an indoor terrace matching the pool with a modern design. It seems to continue through the large windows of the house and ends in a lagoon.

9. A floor lamp in Penbrook


This photo shows an indoor pool with an Asian flair. The plants that can be seen through the glass walls and the Asian sculpture in the pool create a zen feeling.

10. A pool house


A stunning pool area with glass walls that let in lots of light and a ceiling of pleasant curves.

11. A long pool


This long Swimming pool in the house with whirlpool is surrounded by wood from ceiling to floor. One of the walls is white while the other is made of glass. They offer a lot of light and an airy ambience.

12. Indoor pool design


This indoor pool impresses with the breathtaking details of its modern design.

13. A swimming pool at home in Michigan


A 19th century Michigan barn has been converted into a beautiful home that includes that long pool for endless fun.

14. Cape Schanck


As a flooring for this breathtaking, long Swimming pool in the house Porcelain and pool tiles used. The pool has a floor drain and an automatic cover..

15. A town house in the West Village


This extremely long swimming pool, which is located in the basement, is a real beauty. One of the sides is made of glass and is therefore transparent, as is the ceiling, so that you can watch people go by while you are bathing.

These examples are sure to help you get some ideas for one Swimming pool in the house if your house has a modern design. They have great designs for all kinds of materials. Of course, you can design your personal pool individually. The pools that we have shown you are only intended to serve as inspiration.