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15 design ideas for the fireplace for cozy evenings outside


Do you miss the warm summer nights too? With a sophisticated fireplace you can extend the summer into the cool autumn. Let yourself be carried away by the Ideas for the fireplace inspire different designers.

The long summer days are getting shorter and the closer autumn approaches, the more we love to spend the evenings outside. We want to use what is left of the summer to the last. As soon as autumn arrives and the time is changed, the possibilities for a relaxing evening outside become fewer and fewer. And this is exactly where the fireplace comes into play. One should not underestimate the atmosphere of the fire. The flames bring people together until late at night. They make it even more enjoyable to chat, have a drink, sing, barbecue or just sit and watch the fire as night falls.

Ideas for the fireplace in the garden


In addition to being a heat source, thanks to which you can continue to spend pleasant evenings outside despite the cooler weather, a fireplace also serves as an interesting decoration. Designers and architects have long since discovered this advantage and use it to bring the warmth of the living room into the garden and create a cozy outdoor room. With the following 10 Ideas for the fireplace as interesting examples you can get an impression of the great sides of a fireplace.

Ideas for the fireplace as interesting examples

ideas-fireplace-garden-outdoor-modern-design-hedge-privacy protection

That tall retaining wall in a California garden was nothing short of a design disaster. Yet landscape architect Rob Pressman turned it into the focal point of a series of outdoor spaces. In the seating area, the wall has a yellow fireplace with a wooden compartment, ornate niches, flower boxes and areas for sitting.


 This outdoor area is a garden pavilion at the end of a pool. It has its own fireplace and luxury furniture that is typical of the living room. The design is the work of Frank Perrino and interior designer Jarrett Hedborg, who used Sutherland furniture, soft green tones and terracotta to blend this area with the interior design of the house.

ideas-fireplace-garden-outdoor-country-style-alm-wood-natural stone-nature

 The octagonal outdoor area is surrounded by layered stones. The focal point is the fireplace made of rusty Corten steel. It is a recreational place for children in the Hamptons. While you grill hamburgers, you still stay close to the pool and tennis court. The many plants give this outdoor area a soft accent.

stucco garden fireplace terrace wood garden furniture

In the Pressman house in Los Angeles, the fireplace was the crucial element of a renovation. The stucco outdoor fireplace shares a common chimney with the bedroom fireplace. It became the main element of the new outdoor living and dining room. The area offers enough space for meetings and loudspeakers attached to the French doors provide music. Jeffrey Tohl is the architect of this impressive design.

Ideas for the outdoor fireplace moorish style tiles

 This keyhole-type fireplace adorns an interesting Moorish-style house in Hollywood and is reminiscent of a pizza or flatbread oven. It is located at a height of 1.20 meters and is made of concrete, the inside of refractory bricks and stucco. The exterior wall is adorned with handmade tiles from Mortarless Building Supply and Tile Company.

fireplace design outside white orange chair wood

Interior designer Vance Burke moved from New York to Los Angeles for more living space. The climate of the west coast also gave him more leeway to expand the interior from inside to outside into the garden. An example of this is this interesting fireplace. Burke built on the Moroccan style with seats made of white Sunbrella fabrics. The green slate floor is an extension of the interior. The jute covering gives the outside area a soft accent. He was furnished with carpets, chairs and objects that reflect the surroundings. The bamboo that surrounds the outdoor area ensures a certain privacy.

Ideas for the outdoor fireplace terrace garden fireplace iron furniture

This vacation home on Lopez Island, Washington has a Rumfors-style fireplace. It is located in the outdoor area near the pool and art studio. The fireplace keeps you warm after swimming at night and thanks to its barbecue accessories it is ideal for barbecue parties.

fireplace building garden concrete steel wood furniture gravel

This outdoor space is owned by Jennifer Gray and Clark Gregg who are both actors. They wanted a casual place with a fire pit in the garden of their Los Angeles home where they could sit and eat comfortably together. But since they didn’t have a lot of space, the designer Rob Steiner chose a combination of a fireplace and a dining table. This expansion of the interior can be reached quickly and easily through the large glass doors, which can be opened 3.60 meters wide. The floor consists of Del Rio pebbles, the olive tree and the lavender that surrounds the seating area provide more nature. The comfortable armchairs and the couch make the morning coffee or the evening dessert even more relaxing. The core of the fireplace consists of a stuccoed concrete block and reinforced steel forms the table part.

Ideas for the outdoor fire pit rusty corten steel patio pool

Landscape architect Rob Steiner chose a simpler style for the fireplace in Charles Eglee and Ninkey Dalton’s spa area in Pacific Palisades. It consists of concrete aggregate and a steel plate to protect it from leaves. It should also radiate the warmth back into the room and protect the mahogany wood.

outdoor fireplace rattan armchair storage wood

Cliff and Marcie Goldstein wanted an outdoor area that exuded the atmosphere of a holiday resort and where they could have fun with their friends. Since the nights in Santa Monica are rather quiet, this fireplace became the focus of this small seating area, which is located between the garage and kitchen. It is a design by landscape architect Mark Beall. In order to stay true to the style of the interior design, he chose beams as the ceiling and built in French doors to facilitate access to the exterior from the interior. The plaster and the colors are also adapted to those of the interior design. The tiles that adorn the fireplace as well as the furniture are the choice of interior designer Kristin Pon and should reflect the earth tones of the kitchen.

Ideas for the fireplace stone fireplace garden covered terrace

Ideas for the fireplace garden fireplace stone wood garden fence chimney

garden corner fireplace dining area wood furniture plants

Ideas for the outdoor fireplace yellow wooden shelf flower shelves

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