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10 great tips for an environmentally friendly garden design

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Summer is the time when you are most often outdoors. It is the focal point for many everyday activities, whether you are landscaping your garden, gathering with family and friends, or just want to relax and sunbathe. The outdoor area is also a great way to expand your nature-friendly home outside. You can also put your green plants outside as decoration or implement your environmentally friendly ideas. If you are planning to redesign your outdoor space in an environmentally friendly way, here we have 10 interesting suggestions for one environmentally friendly garden design.

Environmentally friendly garden design – Connect the outdoor area with the indoor area

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A great option for one environmentally friendly garden design, is to let the style of the interior of the house overflow outside. By opening the windows and doors you can ventilate the rooms and let in fresh air. So-called window walls that open onto the terrace are even better. Glazed doors and windows are also suitable for letting fresh air into the room without letting in pests during the sultry summer days.

Recycled materials for one environmentally friendly garden design

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If you want to build a deck out of wood, go for that environmentally friendly garden design recycled and reusable wood that was previously used for other buildings. Many lumber yards offer a wide variety of recycled lumber that is perfect for your project. Concrete, wrought iron, and even railway sleepers can be used very well for the patio. You will be amazed how great your outdoor project will look with these materials.

 For an environmentally friendly garden design, replace old lighting with energy-saving ones

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Your outdoor space can be both aesthetically environmentally friendly and practical. And here comes the lighting for one environmentally friendly garden design in the game. Often you don’t think about it, but old lighting in particular consumes a lot of energy and drives up the bills. Instead, it is best to replace them with energy-saving or even solar lamps. You can replace old light bulbs with LED lamps, which emit a brighter light. Use them to illuminate garden paths, entrances, garage and garden.

An environmentally friendly garden design by reusing old decor

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If you enjoy using old items for a new, interesting purpose, the best place to start is outdoors. For the environmentally friendly garden design you can take an old piece of furniture that has been in the garage, basement or attic for a long time and use it to make a flower pot for the terrace, for example. You can also find something suitable at flea markets. All you have to do is give the item a new paint and varnish and find a new use for it. For, for example, a side table, you can use a wrought iron balcony railing, on which you place a plate made of bluestone.

 Install innovative technologies to save energy

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A variant for the environmentally friendly garden design is associated with various systems and technologies. Make a compross that will be worthwhile and choose them instead of possibly prettier decorations. Motion detectors that only switch on the light when a person or animal walks by or another movement is registered are particularly advantageous. Such motion detectors are best used in the backyard, e.g. in the back garden and to replace other lighting. Consider combining your home security and lighting system with a smart home technology in order to achieve the environmentally friendly garden design to expand. In this way, you have the option of controlling the lighting via the Internet on your smartphone, tablet or laptop, which also saves energy.

Keep your garden beautiful while saving by using rainwater for irrigation

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Everyone loves the lush, green plants and brightly colored flowers in the garden, but the water bill that comes with maintaining them can make you desperate. Try for that environmentally friendly garden design, to build in a system that allows you to store rainwater. It is used to direct the rainwater from the roof via the rain gutter into a large container. You can then use a pump to irrigate the garden with this water. You can also hire a landscape architect to look into possible and appropriate environmentally friendly options especially for you.

For an environmentally friendly garden design, build the play areas for your children from environmentally friendly materials

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You can also use the children’s play area to share their imaginative ideas for a environmentally friendly garden design to implement. Old rubber tires and rubber floors are often used in schools and playgrounds. You can use something like this too. Such floors are not only softer than traditional wooden floors, but they are also available in different colors that can stimulate the children’s imagination.

 For an environmentally friendly garden design, mix natural soil for your garden

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Many gardeners spend a fortune in the garden center each year buying potting soil, fertilizer and other flooring for their garden. To save money on this, consider finding space for a compost heap that you can use to throw away leftover food. This will give you nutrient-rich soil after a while and, thank you, your flowers and plants will grow better and become more beautiful.

 Install energy-saving heating and cooling systems

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Heating and cooling systems are a great way to control temperature. However, you should make sure that you choose environmentally friendly variants that do not emit harmful gases that are responsible for the greenhouse effect. Take advice when buying to make sure you are looking for the environmentally friendly garden design choose the right device. Pay attention to the JAZ (annual working number).

For environmentally friendly garden design, also choose environmentally friendly garden furniture

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When designing your outdoor space in an environmentally friendly way, don’t forget the relaxation area. Consider second-hand furniture that you can find at a flea market and restore it. Or you can look for recycled plastic patio furniture. Your resting corner should be cozy and relaxing, but still take into account the resources of the earth.