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Flower carnation – what feelings the different colors express

flower intense color in love be romantic meaning

We always associate flowers with beauty, intoxicating scents and different colors. But flowers also have their own floral language. the Flower carnation has a long history. We tried to collect interesting and useful information about them and find out what feelings these flowers can express depending on the intensity of the color.

The flower carnation goes well with any interior and exterior

flower white delicate cleanliness purity good luck

the Flower carnation gives your living room or kitchen a fresh and colorful atmosphere. It can also be used as a decoration in the garden. The meaning of the flower can be looked up in ancient documents. The Greeks and Romans were known for decorating their homes with carnations. The name is translated as “flower of love” or “god flower”. At the beginning of the 20th century, the carnation became the most popular flower for Mother’s Day. Do not hesitate to send flowers if you want to show someone any feelings and emotions. The carnation symbolizes attractiveness in that its varying colors indicate different levels of attractiveness.

The carnation flower – each color has a specific meaning

flower carnation rejection admirer flowers language ideas

Light colored carnations denote attraction and benevolence, while darker and more intense colors mean deep and eternal love. White carnations are a sign of purity and good luck for most cultures. The delicate pink flowers say “I will never forget you” and make the best selection of flowers for Mother’s Day. The pink carnation also symbolizes encouragement, while the red carnation means deep affection, passion and love. With the yellow carnation you express a rejection of the admirer. The brightly striped one Flower carnation says “I’m sorry, I can’t be with you!”

The intoxicating scent of the cloves adds to the high mood in spring

flower carnation bouquet fresh outdoors garden

The white flowers symbolize purity

flower carnation certain meaning have different colorsPink carnation – the best choice for Mother’s Day

flower carnation pink flowers matching mothers day ideasThe pink color of the carnation flower is an encouragement

flower carnation pink color delicate beautiful garden exterior

flower carnation pink flowers delicate beautiful fragrance

flower carnation deep love passion express affection

darker colors indicate strong feelings love passion

flower garden exterior interior ideas tips red

purple combination striped i can't be with you

fragrance spring long history romans greece decoration     striped i can't be with you meaning  purple different nuance deep eternal love affection