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Zen design and indirect lighting in perfect combination – Karesansui Hotel in China

zen design architecture indirect lighting china

Zen is a feeling, an approach to life that is typical of the culture of Japan and China. It ranges from architecture to garden design, the tea ceremony, the art of calligraphy and ikebana to the martial arts. The influences of Zen Buddhism serve as inspiration for design and architecture also outside of Asia. The focus is on beauty with a simple shape and design. Zen design looks minimalist and at the same time conjures up a calm, relaxed atmosphere. The architects at Yiduan Shanghai Interior Design used this principle to design a hotel complex in Yunnan, China. Elements of the ancient Tibetan construction method “Shangri-La”, wood and stone in a natural look are in perfect connection with minimalist furnishing style.

zen design indirect lighting stairs outside lanterns candles

Karesanui Hotel is located in the historic Shangri-La area, three minutes from the popular Sifang Road. The construction was completed two years ago, comprises a total of six buildings and fits in with the traditional architectural style. The architects paid attention to every detail. Both inside and outside, only natural materials such as wood, stone and concrete are used. This is characterized by the rough, untreated look, which perfectly complements the Zen design. The hotel has 15 rooms, a restaurant, a separate tea room and a lobby, all designed in the Tibetan style with low furniture and recessed seating.

zen design indirect lighting outside stones outdoor

The guest rooms are located in the different buildings, which are staggered and connected by external stairs. In between there are several small zen gardens and green areas that bring nature closer. The unique elements and structures really come into their own, especially in the evening thanks to the indirect lighting. The interiors are characterized by the same modern interpretation of Zen style that is also visible on the outside.

zen design indirect lighting hodtel concrete wood

Concrete, stone and patinated wood are in perfect harmony with each other both in the exterior and in the interior. The unique combination of materials conjures up a contemplative atmosphere and an immediate Zen feeling that hotel guests will certainly enjoy.

zen design indirect lighting outside facade hotel house

zen design architecture indirect lighting roof

zen design garden water outdoor stones indirect lighting

zen design garden indoor concrete stone rough materials

zen design garden white gravel stones

zen design rough wood untreated natural

zen architecture house hotel design concrete wood

zen design intereur light wood white gravel

zen design bedroom gray wood gravel

zen design hotel room light wood concrete

zen design hotel room white wood gravel

zen design minimalist wood concrete chinese

zen design bathroom freestanding bathtub skylight glass wall

zen design wooden floor concrete wall round window

zen design hotel room minimalist wood concrete walls

zen architecture hotel china plan floor plan

* a project by Yiduan Shanghai Interior Design