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Wooden wall cladding and stylish design in a hostel in Bangkok

wood wall cladding hostel-bangkok-thailand-modern

This chic hostel is a great example of how small areas in big cities can be used successfully. The company A Millimetre received the order for the interior design, which was faced with the challenge of creating a practical area that was only 4 meters wide and 16 meters deep. Light colors were used, which are also used in wood for the floor and the Wood wall cladding can be found again. We would like to present the result of your work to you in this article.

Wood wall cladding in a hostel in Thailand

wood wall cladding small-facade-white-modern-design-big city

The hostel extends over five floors and is located in the capital of Thailand in Bangkok. Thus, for the hostel, the space at the top was fully used to compensate for the otherwise small area. The hostel with its wooden wall cladding on the inside immediately catches the eye outside. The reason for this is the striking design of the facade.

Wood wall cladding – entrance of the hostel

wood wall cladding thai-hostel-entrance-window front-round-door

For the facade, perforated steel was used, which is painted in white color. However, this design has more than just an aesthetic function. It should also guarantee privacy and thus serves as a privacy screen. The perforated design nevertheless promises sufficient daylight in the rooms with wooden wall cladding throughout the building.

The entrance area with reception

wood wall cladding reception-entrance area-counter-pendant lights

The entrance itself is no less impressive. Although a large window front adorns the entrance, a wooden door was built in, which is rounded. This door represents an interesting contrast to the other materials such as metal and glass, but adapts to the floor and the wood wall cladding to create a harmonious ambience.

Modern stair area

wood wall cladding stairs-original-pillow-decoration-cozy

The reception is on the right as you enter the hostel. The particularly interesting staircase that leads to the bedrooms is also immediately noticeable. On the one hand, it is also made of perforated, white metal. On the other hand, the steps can be used for sitting and are equipped with tables, with cushions providing comfort. A perfect place to chat and meet outside of the rooms with wood paneling.

The bedrooms

wood-wall cladding-laminate-floor-wall-decoration-sofa-gray

In order to be able to accommodate enough sleeping space in each room, they were equipped with double-bunk beds and loft beds. Each bed has its own night light, while curtains and partitions made of wood wall paneling ensure privacy. A sofa is located under one of the beds so that you can make yourself comfortable during the day.

Instead of wall panels, wood laminate

wood-wall cladding-hostel-idea-loft beds-curtain-ladder

Depending on the room, the upper beds are reached in different ways. In this bedroom, ladders are used to reach the loft beds. They are made of metal and wood, so that these pieces of furniture also adapt to the floor and the wood wall cladding. All in all, the result is a harmonious ambience that also exudes a modern charm through gray accents.

Wall cladding made of wood at an angle

wood-wall paneling-beds-double-bunk-bed-modern-design-rooms

This bedroom uses stairs instead of ladders. These were designed between the double bunk beds and consist of simple steps. The way in which the wood wall cladding was designed is also original. The wall is visually separated at an angle, with the upper part covered with laminate and the rest in plain white.

Wood wall cladding and metal steps 

wood-wall cladding-room-hotel-idea-comfort-flooring

Here, too, the steps are made of perforated metal, which give the room a modern look. So, as you can see, all of the materials and designs are re-incorporated throughout the hostel. Some of the rooms have a separate but open living area where luggage can be stowed and a comfortable sofa is available. The wood wall paneling is not missing there either.

Paneling for wooden wall

wood-wall cladding-idea-wall-decoration-mirror-clothes-rack-hostel-furnishing

Here you can see again the already mentioned, original way of designing a wooden wall cladding. This time the wood is in the lower part of the wall and thus represents an extension of the floor. The large window is equipped with a gray curtain. Furthermore, a mirror and a clothes rack are available.

Storage space for the guests

wood-wall cladding-living area-cupboard-white-metal-window-lounge

Guests who stay in the hostel for a long time will probably want to stow some of their things as well. Above all, valuable things can be safely stowed in the lockable cupboards that are available in every bedroom. The sloping wooden wall paneling can also be found on the opposite wall.

Modern washrooms

wood-wall paneling-washroom-bathroom-round-mirror-wash-console

Each of the bedrooms also has a washroom, which is divided into different areas. On the one hand, there is the washing area, which was designed entirely in white down to the floor and has two washbasins in a console and a round mirror. Baskets made of perforated metal can be found under the washing console, in which cosmetic products can be stowed.

Hostel facility for the shower room

wood-wall paneling-toilet-toilet-hostel-shower-sliding-doors-barn-door

Otherwise, the toilet and shower can be found in the washroom, each of which guarantees privacy through barn doors. There was no wooden wall cladding in this room. Instead, the wood can be found in the doors. The wall design with an oblique pattern was achieved here with the help of dark gray wall paint.

Design by A millimeter.

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