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Wellness pavilion with a fixed roof for the garden of a hotel in South Tyrol

Pavilion with a fixed roof Hotel Wellness in the garden

Who doesn’t dream of having their own wellness area in their own four walls, or better yet – in their own garden with a view of nature? If that were something for you too, then the following project will surely cast its spell over you. It is a modern and unique pavilion with a fixed roof that is part of a hotel from the 1970s and houses various wellness areas in the middle of the hotel garden. These areas include a jacuzzi, Finnish sauna and steam bath, which extend over 250 square meters and on just one floor. Directly in front of the pavilion with its rainproof roof is a large heated pool, in which you can cool off perfectly after a visit to the sauna. Did the first impression make you curious? Then you will definitely want to see more pictures from the inside as well as from the outside area.

Pavilion with a fixed roof and window fronts in South Tyrol

modern pavilion with fixed roof and pool in the garden deck chairs

The hotel with a garden pavilion with a fixed roof is located in South Tyrol and, more precisely, on Lake Caldaro. In order to make the environment as pleasant as possible, the landscape has been improved, among other things. Despite the modern design of the pavilion at first glance, there are many elements inside that are reminiscent of the style of the 70s. The aim of the architects Walter Angonese and Flaim Prünster was to tie in with the style of the hotel and reinterpret it for the wellness area in order to create a contemporary atmosphere. In order to create perfect comfort, wood was chosen for the interior design. The black elements such as the window frames and the wooden wall cladding contrast with the white hotel.

Interior design with wood for the pavilion with a fixed roof

relax on vacation in Italy deck chairs on wood floor

One thing that the hotel building and the wellness pavilion with a fixed roof have in common is purism. An example of the puristic character of the wellness area is the way in which the building was raised. No stilts are visible, giving the appearance of floating above the earth. In addition, there are the attractive window fronts, which are a wonderful alternative to the pavilion with a fixed roof and solid walls. The large windows not only create bright rooms, but also offer an unlimited view of the garden and the landscape. It is also worth mentioning the original shape of the pavilion with a fixed roof and glass side walls. In fact, three wings were designed that point in different directions. One of the wings looks towards the hotel, the other towards the lake, while the third gives you a view of the mountains.

Wellness pavilion with a view of the garden and landscape

Sliding windows for sunny rooms in the Inspiration garden pavilion

Fixed roof pavilion with window fronts and sliding windows

Hotel bath house with sauna and whirlpool spa idea

Flat roof with rainproof design. Guest house idea

Fixed roof pavilion wood cladding in black coat hooks on the wall

Wall color turquoise modern showers rain shower head in the garden pavilion

Steam bath wellness steam sauna blue wall design, puristic and modern

Mountain range Alps swimming in the pool Landscape with trees

Pavilion with a fixed roof Holidays in South Tyrol by the lake

modern architecture for the garden glass walls minimalist

Floor plan of the pavilion with a fixed roof and pool spa area

A project by Walter Angonese and Flaim Prünster for the Seehotel Ambach.