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Unique hemp rope railing in the boutique hotel Puro in Palma de Mallorca

Hemp rope railing natural material-stairs-wooden floor-bathtub-freestanding-bast carpet-round-chairs-baskets-wood carving

The Hotel Puro is located in the heart of the historic center of Palma, La Lonja, and impresses with its atypical equipment, fascinating mix of materials and remarkable Hemp rope railing. OHLAB’s modernization project saw this complexity as an advantage and an opportunity to create unique spaces in which each room is different from the others. The project offers an individual and unique design for each individual room. The selection of local natural materials that emphasize the Mediterranean was very important. Another important focus was the conception of the bathrooms as spaces for relaxation and pleasure that are integrated in the bedroom. They are equipped with elegant, free-standing bathtubs that are simply placed in the bedroom as an additional piece of furniture.

Hemp rope railing for a natural look

Hemp rope railing chairs-wooden floor-bench-natural materials-side table-small-bast carpet-mural-partition-wooden ornaments

For the Puro project, the artist Pedro Oliver created a series of unique murals that are strategically placed in each room. The hotel is an urban oasis, cosmopolitan and modern, but at the same time with local roots, which makes it unique. A simple palette of natural materials was used throughout the project: oak, concrete washbasins and bathroom walls, and the traditional limestone walls used in the architecture of Mallorca. Natural hemp ropes, stainless steel switches and fittings, old leather, linen, cotton and fabric designed by OHLAB can be found there, as well as the woolen blankets, bast carpets and wicker baskets produced in Mallorca.

Wooden stairs with hemp rope railing

Hemp rope railing stairs-relaxation corner-folding chair-houseplant-bench-table-cushion-bed-lamp-table

The massive, wooden mandala doors that have been the hallmark of the hotel since its inception have been restored. Most of the furniture was specially designed for this hotel by OHLAB. Beds, headboards, benches and clear lines create a relaxing atmosphere in the room. Old bronze pieces inspired by the traditional metal carts used to carry luggage stand out. In the hotel they replace the old desks, furniture and minibars. The new Maxi bar trolley from this series functions as a real bar with the necessary bar accessories that ensure the best cocktails in the room.

Natural materials in the facility – railings made of hemp rope 

Hemp rope railing natural material-steel-wrapped-vertical-straight-fibers-symmetrical-stairs

Relaxation area with bench

Hemp rope railing natural material-wood-lattice-folding chair-table-floor lamp-patterned-bench-throw pillow-relaxation corner

Bedroom with a freestanding bathtub

Hemp rope-railing-bedroom-open-bathroom-bed-natural materials-oak-wood floor-partition-wall-carving-sitting area

Interesting and chic wall painting

Hemp rope-railing-bedroom-side-table-wall-ornaments-bed-sheets-wood-parquet-floor-bright-socket-switch

Bedroom with warm wooden floor

Hemp rope-railing-mural-bedroom-stairs-wood-bed-light switch-sockets-side table-natural materials

Bathroom with free-standing concrete bathtub

Hemp rope-railing-bathroom-bathtub-freestanding-oval-shelf-bath towels-flooring-wall paneling-door-wood

Balustrade with sleeping area 

Hemp rope-railing-sleeping-area-bed-pillows-stone-wall-white-mirror-hangers-bronze-frame-clothes

Elevator with wood paneling

Hemp rope-railing-wood paneling-elevator-corridor-narrow-lit-ceiling-walls-buttons-screen

Rustic stone ceiling in the bathroom

Hemp rope-railing-bathroom-limestone-shower-bath-tub-concrete-bowl-sink-mirror-towels-wooden floor

Interesting combination of materials in the bathroom

Hemp rope-railing-bathroom-mirror-sink-shelf-wood-bath-towels-bathrobe-bath-tub-shell-concrete

Minibar with alcoholic beverages

Hemp rope-railing-roll-minibar-trolley-mat-metal-wood-bottles-glass-alcohol-liquid

Eccentric mini bar on casters

Hemp rope-railing-trolley-metal frame-floor lamp-potted plants-minibar-glass bottles-glasses-bar accessories-fruit tray

Beautiful wood carving 

Hemp rope-railing-staircase-stairs-wooden wall-white-bath-free-standing-round-concrete-wood-carving

Minimalist bathroom with stone walls and ceiling

Hemp rope-railing-bathroom-bathtub-concrete shell-sink-towels-wood paneling-wood floor-lighting

* a project by OHLAB