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Thatched roof pavilion – natural and beautiful in India

Pavilion with thatched roof -naturally-beautiful-forest-nature-bridge

A villa is located directly in nature and belongs to the “Forest Hills Tala” ecovillage in Tala, Maharashtra, India. It has two bedrooms and a total of four beds. The entire glass facade makes the house disappear in the forest and makes it the perfect retreat where you can recharge your batteries in the untouched nature. The thatched roof pavilion is natural and beautiful and the eco-friendly architecture and surroundings merge into a whole. Reet has been protecting against wind and weather for centuries and this gives the entire glass-wood construction a meaningful and at the same time high-quality appearance. The pavilion with thatched roof follows the natural slope of the terrain and the materials were selected accordingly by the architects from the architecture firm Architecture Brio.

Thatched Pavilion – An eco-friendly villa in India

Pavilion with thatched roof -naturally-beautiful-house-villa

The unusual villa is called “The Glass House” by Forest Hills Tala and is reminiscent of a tree house because of the atypical adaptation of the architecture to the terrain. It can be rented for overnight stays and provides two bedrooms, a total of 4 beds on two floors, for the guests. Each living level is equipped with a terrace and bathroom. The entire area is around 185 square meters and thanks to the glass facade offers a 360 ° view of the valley. Only the branches of the trees that grow around the house provide privacy.

Pavilion with thatched roof and glass facade

Pavilion with thatched roof -naturally-beautiful-slope-natural-forest

The thatched roof pavilion is an excellent example of environmentally friendly architecture, and not just because of the material used for the roof. Creativity allows the house to blend in perfectly with its surroundings and no large trees are torn out of the earth. The facade and the terraces are designed in such a way that the branches of the trees grow undisturbed. No blinds or curtains prevent the immediate view of the outside. The sleeping beds are equipped with white curtains like a canopy and ensure privacy.


The interior is designed in such a way that you can enjoy nature from the inside and even feel it without cabinets. The areas merge seamlessly and the complete glazing of the outer walls allows light to penetrate from all sides. A special highlight is the outdoor bathroom with a freestanding bathtub, which invites you to enjoy a pleasant bathing experience.



pavilion-thatched roof-terrace-view-valley

pavilion-thatched-roof-naturally-beautiful-terrace-bedroom-glass facade


gazebo-thatched roof-bedroom-bed-curtains-four-poster bed


pavilion-with-thatched-roof-naturally-beautiful-bedroom-four-poster bed

Pavilion-thatched roof-white-four-poster bed-view-glass facade

pavilion-thatched roof-bedroom-view-bed










* a project by Architecture Brio