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Temporary living between books – Hostel in Tokyo

Temporary living -hostel-tokyo-bed-sleeping-place-ladder-library-books-shelves

temporary living in one of the largest metropolises in the world can be really problematic, especially if you want to read your book in peace. Have already thought of something about this in Tokyo – a hostel with sleeping places between the books. To be precise, between the bookshelves there are large-format, minimalist, small bedrooms – with mattresses, pillows, blankets and night lamps – everything you need to stay overnight. Perhaps it is not the typical place for a night’s sleep, but for book lovers and reading mice it is exactly the opposite.

Temporary living between books – modern hostel in Tokyo

Temporary living -hostel-tokyo-reading-books-modern-wooden-shelves

The unusual hostel or the unusual library has more than 1,700 titles of books and comics available to enthusiasts. This and the individual sleeping places can be reached with the help of a ladder. There are a total of 12 rooms and a shared bathroom for the hostel guests.

Temporary living in the big city for book lovers


Small sleeping places in the library wall


Temporary living between books – the minimalist reception 


Small beds instead of hotel rooms


Small sleeping cells

living-on-time-hostel-tokyo-beds-cells-departments-sleeping places

Bathroom in common 


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